21 September 2014

Saving Water, Energy and Money

Nowadays, everyone is talking about ways to save energy, in turn help the environment and saving a few extra pounds in our pockets, but no one ever mentions water. How hard it it to save water? How do you save water? Is there advice on how to save water? Can it save you money in the long run?

There are ways you can save water in your house and, in turn, save yourselves money but of course you would need to be on a water metre for this to take be a practical way of saving money. If you are more focussed on the helping the environment aspect then it is a little easier as there is no messing changing to a metre, just a few steps to saving water. The best way to do this would be to follow a few simple steps.

Using a dishwasher
Yes, this shocked me too as you'd think that it would take more water powering a whole dishwasher, but no, you use 11 times less water when washing with a dishwasher as opposed to by hand. 

Use cold water for cleaning
With a little extra elbow grease, using cold water to clean about the house saves a lot of energy that would usually go in to heating the water making it a more cost effective way of cleaning. 

Reusing water
When having a bath, do you run a clean tub full for every person in your household? To be honest, there is no need. For us, I always get in whilst the water is red hot and then, once I'm finished, it has cooled enough for the boys to get in. Thus meaning only one bath has been run. 

Use the amount you need
I am very conscious of saving water when it comes to filling up my kettle and I've got good at knowing just how much water I need to put in it to make myself and the hubster a cuppa. Using the right amout of water means that it isn't taking as long to heat the whole kettle up and uses much less energy. 

Work out what you could save
Comparing past years water bills to this years is a great way to see if you have consumed more or less over a yearly period and a good way of trying to limit how much you use. You can also try out this water saving calculator to see what changes could help you save. 

It's amazing how many people I hear moaning when the government announces that we are having a drought. Yes, the Earth may be filled with water, but that doesn't mean that we can use it all. In fact, less than 0.5% of the world's total water is freshwater available for humans. The rest is made up of 97% salt water and 2.5% is frozen in glaciers. 
So basically, we have a minuscule amount of water from the Earth that is available for us to use and consume. 

So next time you are leaving the tap running whilst cleaning, or filling the kettle full for a cuppa, just think about saving water and energy and turn off the tap. 


  1. I've just finished writing a post exactly like this....lol
    I was shocked about using a dishwasher too....Amazing!

  2. Really??? I can believe a dish washer is better than hand washing. I'll be telling my husband that hen he moans at me for using ours

  3. I am on a water meter and try to keep my bills low by not using as much water when running baths and stuff

  4. some great suggestions, we always share the bath water in our house