19 September 2014

Great Arts and Crafts Gift Ideas for Under £20

When it comes to buying a gift for someone who has an interest in arts and crafts, it can seem pretty tough to find them something that’s great but for a more modest budget. However, with a bit of know-how and a few tricks up your sleeve (and after a bit of searching online) you’ll realise you can find the perfect gift for that special someone, and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Here are some of our favourite finds and ideas to get you inspired and to help you on your way to find the perfect present.

Colour wheels or mixing guides
This may sound like an odd present, but to someone starting out painting it can be really useful and is unlikely to be something they may have purchased for themselves. You can get them really cheaply from sites like http://www.artifolk.co.uk/ too as part of a set or on their own which is great, along with lots of other arty gifts to take a look at.

Calligraphy starter kits
If they seem to be into lots of different types of art, getting them interested and involved in a new one is a great idea. Calligraphy is the perfect example as you only need a few items to get started, such as a pen, calligraphy paper and a guide book teaching you the tricks of the trade. You can pick up sets from most good craft stores or online too.

‘How to’ books and guides
If you don’t think calligraphy is their bag, or there’s something in particular you think they’d like to learn more about in the world of art, a book or guide book about that certain style (or even artist) is a great idea. It’s something they’d actually really appreciate as well as the fact that it shows them you’ve thought about what they’d like.

A sketchpad
A true artist is likely to love nothing more than a new sketchbook to get their hands on and start scribbling away in. If you have no idea where to start with choosing something like this, there’s a handy guide here to help you choose a new sketchbook.

A tabletop easel
Easels are great, particularly if your arty friend likes to work with materials such as acrylic paint as they avoid shadows from casting on a horizontal page, and help keep proportions. The floor length ones (that are used when standing) can be quite pricey, but you can actually get small tabletop ones for well under £20.

A set of new pens, pencils or paints
A brand new set of the tools of the trade is sure to be a winner, as they can never have enough pens/pencils/paints! You could always go for a slightly more frivolous option that they’re unlikely to treat themselves too to make it a little more special too, and you can get these for under £20 if you shop at the right places which is great.


  1. I always buy my daughter a new sketch pad and pens to get creative with

  2. using google to search out bargains and quidco to earn money back i have saved a fortune of xmas stuff

  3. Nice article. My nan is impossible to buy for but does like her crafts/painting. Thanks for the ideas

  4. some nice ideas, my daughters dads family mostly have arty careers Im hoping she will have a talent for it