8 August 2014

Working and Finding Employment Whilst Pregnant

It can be very hard to work whilst pregnant, but needs must when you have a family to look after and so sometimes, finding the best in a situation and keeping in employment that works best for you is the preferable way to go. 

A problem you may come across is finding employment whilst pregnant, there are many jobs that you would find difficult to do whilst hoisting around your ever growing bump and so it's great to make a concious decision before applying, as to what you are actually capable of in your condition. 

Before blogging, I always worked in an office which was great as it meant that I was sat down, typing a lot and not constantly moving around or stood up for prolonged periods of time. I was unfortunate to be made redundant whilst pregnant though and had to end up trying to find new employment. 

Although I knew that companies aren't allowed to discriminate against pregnancy, I could always imagine them turning me down when I walked in the room in a huge maternity outfit and not looking very professional and it was hard to find work. 

Now it's all changed though as there are many maternity stores that cater for working mums and offer suitable clothing. For me though, I think that black works. A loose fitting black blouse over your bump will hide the size you are and then use colourful accessories to take the eye away from yourself. Some nice jewellery and a stand out bag such as this gorgeous Cath Kidston one which will take the focus away from you. 

Now there are more and more ways to look for the perfect job. City Calling are an online company who specialise in UK job search and making finding employment as easy as possible, you can even do it on the move through your mobile. Now you can find employment from the comfort of your own home and whittle down the ones that are suitable for you and your situation before applying.

Most employers will be fine with your situation and will try to accommodate you and your bump. And don't worry about the end stages of pregnancy, that's what maternity leave is for.


  1. Agree it may be difficult to find employment whilst pregnant. As the employer may not know you, your capabilities, and maybe even wonder how these may change as you adjust to pregnancy, and your pregnancy advances. Maternity clothes now seem to be more available for the working situation etc. Best wishes. Employers have a legal requirement to provide reasonable adjustments etc for the disabled, and or pregnant women.

    Rachel Craig

  2. I was looking for a temp job when I was preganat with my 1st. I didn't even know I was pregnant until a few days after i started working. They had no problems with the fact that i was pregnant and a 2-3 week job ended up lasting for 7 months and only because I had to keep reminding them that they would need someone as baby was on it's way soon ;-)

  3. christine szlobodnik - christinesz@hotmail.co.uk

    Was hard finding a job while pregnant!

  4. Some good advice. Luckily there is so much more choice of maternity clothes now!

  5. great post and some really good advice here xx

  6. I've been lucky really that I found my ad hoc job a month before I fell pregnant i definitely think it would be more tougher to get a job when your pregnant.

  7. Some good advice, thank you, enjoyed reading this.

  8. i looked the first time i was pregnant and i got told no because your pregnant it was only a till type job xx

  9. This is a sore point for me as I got laid off when I was pregnant and I have struggled to get back into employment ever since, hard to bear when you have always worked and never been unemployed x