17 July 2014

Ideas for Documenting your Family’s Summer

Summer is the perfect time of year to get out there and make some memories as a family, but what about when it comes to preserving those memories and having a way of looking back on them?

We’ve come up with some ideas to help you document your family’s summer so that you will not only always remember the memories but so that you actually have something to look back on and smile!

Keep a scrapbook or album of all your mementos
Scrapbooks are a great way to compile all those little bits and bobs that the kids don’t want to get rid of, but without them piling up and gathering dust on their shelves. Invest in a big scrapbook and all contribute to it; fill it with pictures, receipts, travel tickets, admission tickets, postcards...basically anything that sparks a memory!

Have each family member take a picture a day
Photos are the perfect way to document things as they can be looked at later and will take you right back to that moment. Why not start a fun summer project as a family that will also help you document the season? Take a photo a day of whatever you get up to. You could even get a few disposable ones for the kids to be in charge of too which they’ll no doubt absolutely love.

Have a professional photo shoot as a family
If you want something a little more special, you could always opt for a professional family photo shoot at a studio, or outdoors with a professional photographer. Venture family photo ideas are great in particular as they aim to capture the true essence of your family’s personality which will be fun, especially during the summer.

Make a memory wall in your home
Designate a wall or area in your home to displaying all those summer memories, and have each family member add to it as you go along. We love the idea of transforming a wall into a blackboard wall which makes it not only look great but also makes changing it really simple too. It’s really easy to make your own chalkboard wall as you can follow tutorials, and you could get the kids to help.

Make a bucket list and tick off each activity
Why not start the season by sitting down as a family and think about what sort of things you all want to do during the summer? You could turn all your ideas – no matter how small – into a summer bucket list. There is some fantastic summer bucket list ideas on the internet to get you started. Write down the list onto a big piece of paper and hang it up where the whole family can see it easily. Then, as you complete each activity, you can have the little ones tick them off. You’ll be left with a completed list of all the memories and activities you’ll have done and you’ll be able to keep it forever.


  1. fab ideas :)

  2. We try to make a scrapbook of our holiday every year, with postcards, entry tickets, souvenirs, etc, they do enjoy looking back at them once in a while and remembering the funny stories involved in their decisions of what to put in!

  3. What lovely ideas!! We have a bucket list which we're working our way through....Loads of fun x

  4. i always have ideas of making scrap books but never stick to it lol x