4 June 2014

Making A Child’s Bedroom Feel More Grown Up

It’s a moment that a lot of parents dread when their children stop being children and want everything to be more grown up. Suddenly some of their toys are cast aside, clothes are pushed to the back of the wardrobe and their favourite TV programmes are flicked past as if they never existed.

The same thing happens when it comes to the décor of their bedroom. Once upon a time they may have liked the princess wallpaper or cowboy duvet covers but there comes a time when all of that is far too childish and they want something a little more grown up. Here’s some tips on making that happen…

Go for plain or simple patterns
All that Fireman Sam room decoration is going to have to disappear unfortunately. In fact, it’s probably best to get rid of anything that has a ‘character’ on it and opt for simple, plain colours. You could still go for bright colours, such as oranges or greens but it should be kept a lot simpler. More minimal = more grown up. This should apply to most things throughout the room, including curtains, bedding, cushions, etc. For example, Prestigious Textiles do some nice curtains that look very grown up but still have some character to them.

Buy them a desk
A desk is one piece of furniture that is almost guaranteed to make them feel more grown up. Desks are usually perceived to be for school or for offices, so to have one in their room provides them with their own space on which they can do any homework they may have, thus making them feel much more grown up. If they have happened to have a computer to put on there then that’s even better! If you’re short on space then a bunk bed may have room for a desk underneath.

Let them put some posters/pictures up
They may already have some posters or pictures up in their bedroom but it might be time for a change. Allowing them to put up some different posters will let them put their own stamp on the room and they can always change them at a later date if they get bored or grow out of them. AllPosters.co.uk is a great place to find all kinds of posters.

Put a lock on their door
Not all parents will agree with this, which is understandable, but as your children get older then they will want more privacy and fitting a lock on the door is a way of giving this to them. If they have a

younger sibling then installing a lock on the outside of the door could also prevent unwanted intrusions when they’re not around.

A washing basket
This one is more for you, but wouldn’t it be much nicer if all the washing was in one place rather than scattered all over the floor?!


  1. It does look grown up, smart & tidy - everyones a winner!

  2. some good tips, I am looking for furniture to put in my toddlers room that will last until shes much older, soft furnishings seem the best way to update any look

  3. i love the top bedroom! my son is 8, 9 this year and definitely needs his room smartened up a bit.

  4. My son is 12 & is making the change to a more grownup room now, so this has given me some inspiration.

  5. We have just moved & cant decide how to decorate our sons room (he's 2) I'm torn between something simple that could last him years, or something like dinosaurs or spiderman (which he is heavily into) which might only last 6 more months :/

  6. love these ideas...... my daughter has two bedrooms at the moment,,, as her elder sisters have moved out... and she can't choose which one she wants .. she's using one as a wardrobe.. lol

  7. Like the bedrooms and ideas. Good to consider the practical topics such as homework, washing, privacy etc. Discussion with parents and child may cover most aspects before tackling such a commitment.

    Rachel Craig

  8. My Daughter always moaning about her brothers going in her room might have to get a lock.

  9. I LOVE this bedroom i love how neat and tidy it is :) WOW

  10. I love this, some very good ideas xx

  11. Lovely bedroom. I am one of those parents who don't approve of locks on bedroom doors. Privacy is important but the family should all be taught to respect the privacy (and space/possessions) of the others and obviously if a door is closed then it should be knocked.

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler

  12. I love this, my son is just becoming a teenager so I needed ideas for a more grown up bedroom!

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  14. My son is 11 so is just in the transitional period from a child into a teenager. I found this blog really useful. thanks for the tips!

  15. We're at this stage with my 11 year old now....Great ideas!