12 June 2014

Father's Day Cake Card From Sponge.co.uk

Trying to find the perfect present for someone can be hard, especially for Father's Day when your husband is so fussy about what he likes. Sponge.co.uk make something specifically for this. A cake card. 

Their cake card costs just £7.50 and includes a letterbox sized card that comes complete with a slice of your favourite cake. Not only that but it can be personalised especially for the lucky one to receive it. 

You can choose from 5 delicious flavours, chocolate, lemon, Victoria sponge, coffee or carrot. And what's more, if you want to slip in an extra slice for yourselves, it costs just £2.50 extra. The price includes delivery too which, when I received this, arrived the next day. 

I find that this is a great little present to surprise anyone with. You can personalise the front for any celebration and then write your own greetings inside for a more personal touch. 

The cake itself is super scrummy. I chose Victoria sponge because I know that my husband absolutely loves it. And this one was no exception, he wolfed it down in no time, not even sharing a little bite at all. 

To say that it had gone through he postal system and no doubt got bashed about a bit. my husband said that it was moist and very lovely. The cream and jam inside had beautiful flavour and he was left wanting more. 

I can't wait until I need inspiration for the next special occasion, because I definitely know where to come. 

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