12 May 2014

If Your Couch Could Talk!

When you look back on your life, people come and go but those special pieces of furniture will last the test of time. They are the things that we remember and often talk about in the future.

The dining table you sat at whilst celebrating your 5th birthday. The one that took a great battering from the battle of the dinosaurs of '94, the one that got marked with nail polish remover and of course, it was your *ahem* sisters fault. The table that came with you when you moved in with your partner and became a store space for junk. 

You see, I remember every detail about what happened to that table, but cannot remember much about the days themselves. Who was there are the party, I couldn't tell you. Who won the dinosaur battle, I can't recall. But I know that the table was there, giving us a place to play, to eat, to be sociable. 

But, if that table could talk, what would it say. Well apart from 'ahh, oh my gosh, I'm a talking table'. What would it say about our life, our dreams, what we got up to. 

Would it remember the sad day when all those dinosaurs were lost at battle?

Would it explain how it was there to support us through the celebrations, the family time, the sad times, we were always sat there, it was always a constant through the years. 

Below is an infographic, made by Super A-Mart which shows what your couch would say, if it could talk. Have a look:

You see, it's not just people that guide you through life. Yes ,they help teach you, to learn about life and to grow up, but without the furniture, the couch, to help hold your hand and keep you steady when you're learning to walk, it would have taken longer to learn. 

It's there to give you a rest when you get home from work. 

Somewhere you can slouch onto and relax. Somewhere your family can sit on to watch films, to spend quality time together. 

So, again I say, when you look back on your life, not just the past few years, but the whole of your life, people come and go but those special pieces of furniture will last the test of time. 


  1. I love this post. I remember furniture fondly from my childhood that lasted years and saw so much. I wonder what our sofas will see in the years to come?! x

  2. I loved that infographic, it's so true. We have just bought a new sofa an I did feel sad to see the old one go as I had very fond memories from it.

    kirstyjfox [at] yahoo [dot] com

  3. LOL that is fab! Will have to show my eldest son!

  4. Ha really good

    Felicity kelly