18 May 2014

A Photo A Day Project Week 20

First of all, I am sorry if this post looks a little out of sync. I currently have no data allowance left on my laptop and so am writing and publishing this from my phone. The blogger app isn't very technical though so I cannot edit a great deal. 

Also, the photos are out of sync too but I'll explain through the week anyway. 

Baby Laurel came to stay today. She is my niece. My husbands, brothers daughter to be exact. The boys love having her over, she is adorable. 

Monday morning school run time. Thomas loves school and so is always in front of me, trying to get there quickly. 

My new chair came today. A gorgeous glider chair and footstool which I won from Tutti Bambini. It was simple to fix together and all of us have enjoyed playing on it. 

We went to pick Thomas up from school and Charlie was playing in the playground. I managed to get a quick snap of him playing in the building area, hiding behind the netting. 

These last photos are quite self explanatory. Charlie loves placing things together so enjoyed stacking the pebbles outside the garden. 

I put a blanket outside today so that the boys could have a rest after school. It was really warm out so they both just had a relax for a bit. 

Thomas' friend, Macey, came over today and it was so warm that we got the pool out. After cooling themselves off and running around the garden like mad people, they chilled, sunbathing and drying off. 


  1. Pam Francis Gregory18 May 2014 at 17:22

    Looks like fun in the sun!

  2. Ohhh that glider chair is fab! I am tempted to get one for my bedroom for when I read at night! I think I might have to get one now!

  3. Ahh lovely photo's, glad the boys had fun in the sun (while it was here!) xx

  4. great photos, beautiful weather for having fun in the garden

  5. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  6. I really should take more photos!