11 May 2014

A Photo A Day Project Week 19

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This week, we have spent as much time as we can at the park. My husband works early mornings and so is always home by the time Thomas finished school. We decided to make the most of that going straight to the park after school. It was great to be out and let the boys run off some steam, not so great for the photos though as most are in uniform.

We walked along a big bridge today. The bridge has trains running underneath it and so we waved to everyone on board as they went past. 

Football is great fun, so we took one of our balls up to the park. This time, not to play in the park itself, but to play on the fields. It was very windy so the ball kept blowing away but we had fun chasing it around. 

Climbing in the tower is so much fun. Daddy wasn't with us today so we weren't brave enough to go high up. The day after though, daddy came with us and enjoyed showing Thomas just how high he could climb. Getting down was a bit of a problem though. 

We baked a cake today and Thomas enjoyed licking the icing afterwards. Isn't that the best part anyways?!

The goal posts at our local football pitch are super low. This means that I can reach them and was climbing on them and swinging. Thomas wanted to have a go too but, of course, needed help to get up but loved it once he was up high. 

On the way out of the park, there are some huge stones that Thomas always enjoys climbing on. He believes that he is the king of the world whilst balancing on these. Today wasn't as great though as we'd just started walking home when the heavens opened and we all got soaked. Even worse that we forgot our coats too. 

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  1. Sounds like you all had a nice time. The heavens decided to open on our walk yesterday and only Ali (my hubby) had a coat. We were drenched x

  2. Looks like you had a fun week! #Project365

  3. That looks like a really cool park!

    I got soaked the other day - first by the sky and then by a load of cars that splashed me top to toe. i was frozen by the time I arrived at school to collect the kids :(

  4. Lovely out and about photos. #365

  5. Ha! Looks like daddy's had great fun climbing up that frame!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365, new linky live from 9pm tonight.