3 May 2014

A Photo A Day Project Week 17&18

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I'm a bit behind with my Project 365 post this week and am doing 2 at once. It was supposed to be up last weekend but we were too busy outside making memories.  

The past week, we have had fun celebrating Easter.
Eggs are good and all but my boys aren't great fans of chocolate. They mainly instead get toys or craft items and loved their pirate items from their aunty and uncle.

We love walking, and getting to play under the falling blossoms on the trees is fun too. We try to catch it as pieces of blossom fall.

The boys always help with the cleaning. Anything to do with the vacuum or the duster, and they are straight there. Even cleaning outside is fun too as they get to play with water.

It's not often that I will actually let the boys play on the Playstation, I try to be outdoors more but I couldn't help but show this photo of them playing a racing game and having a kiss. But, of course, after a hard day of playing, ice cream is super a yummy treat.  

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, 365 Photo Project, A Photo A Day, Country Kids, Fun Day, Bank Holiday, Play Doh, Shadows, Easter, Cleaning,

Since the sun has been out this week (lucky us!) we have been making the most of it and playing with our shadows. Trying to move round to create shapes.

Anything crafty is great in my eyes and if it's cheap or free, then even better. Play Doh is a great activity for the boys and if you make your own, it's free too.

The hubster snapped a photo of me admiring my camera. I admit, it's not a great photo and I look as though I'm asleep, but it is a great impression of me as I always have my camera handy.

Nina and baby Laurel came to visit us again today. It's nice to see them more often as they have moved a bit further away from us and it's hard to get up to theirs now.

Thomas got a medal at school for being the best behaved pupil all week. He was so chuffed and, since we were so happy, we bought him a toy for being good. He chose a lovely doctors kit.

This isn't really an important photo. I saw a police chopper in the sky above us, well, I could hear it but could only see a little dot, but Thomas wanted to see it. This was my perfect chance to check out the zoom on my camera and see how far it could get. I managed to full zoom it and take a shot so that Thomas could see the helicopter on the camera. He only really wanted to see the propellers but he was happy.

There was a bank holiday fun day at Thomas' school today and we were lucky to get good weather. Bouncy castles, sumo suits, stalls, food, drinks, face painting and balloons galore. The boys, and myself, had a fun day playing.

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  1. it looks like you have been super busy :-)

  2. That sounds like a busy week! Well done to Thomas for his medal x

  3. Lovely photos! My kids aren't big chocolate fans either so appreciate more craft toys or books at Easter!

  4. I have spent ages trying to get pictures of things like helicopters and planes for my two - that one is really clear, well done!!

  5. Love a baby photo :D And fab helicopter pic #Project365

  6. Gorgeous photos, I've done the same this week as I was behind on my posts too x

  7. Thanks for linking up to Project 365, the new linky is now live.