8 April 2014

Wooden and Plush from Great Gizmos

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I have worked with Great Gizmos before, writing about the ranges of toys that they stock so when they got in touch about their Easter Blogging Project, asking me to work with them once again, I could wait to receive the toys so that I could play with review them.

A lot of toys these days seem to have lost their traditional appeal. I remember playing with wooden toys when I was a child, Toys that had lasted generations in the family, toys that don't break as they are made from durable wood. 

Plan Toys special in wooden toys and we received 3 of them in our package. 

Plan Toys Bunny Racer
This cute little bunny gets to race in his cute little car. This brightly coloured toy appeals to young children who are just learning to grip and push toys along. It has a curved design which makes it easy to grip onto and push and is priced at £11.95.

Plan Toys Fire Engine
I must admit that this toy, priced at £14.95, has been the favourite amongst them all. Both boys have enjoyed pushing this around. The bright red colour stands out and the fact that it is thinner than usual trucks means that it is easy to hold and push around. 

When it is pushed around, the siren and the head spin around to give a bit of extra fun to it and it is very strong and sturdy. I can imagine that this toy will last the test of time. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, NICI, Plan Toys, Great Gizmos, Toys, Review

Plan Toys My First Phone
Over that years, the boys have collected a few toy phones but this by far is the best one. Made from solid wood, I know that it will not be breaking easily and can take a good playing with. A magnifier screen and a colourful beaded dial pad make this a wonderful toy to play with and at £9.95 is the cheapest phone I'll be buying for a while. 

But, even in all my love for wooden toys, I do love a good bit of plush. 

NICI Koala Soft Toy
From NICI's Wild Friends collection, this super soft cuddly Koala is 25cm tall and is priced at £16.99. It is beautifully cuddly and both boys love snuggling up to this cute koala although now, it has found its place on Charlie's bed where he sleeps with it on a night. 

Al of these toys have been great to try out, the Fire Engine and the Koala being the biggest favourites amongst my boys. You can check out all of these ranges and more on the Great Gizmos website.

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  1. They look like fab toys I love wooden toys the most myself :)