17 April 2014

Why I Want a Samsung Galaxy S5

When I was asked to write about why I deserve to win a Samsung Galaxy S5 from Virgin media, I got to thinking, well, I'm definitely not going to win. I haven't done anything exciting, haven't saved some long lost puppies, haven't invented anything remarkable to warrant me winning. 

But then I thought that I'd enter any way as I definitely wont win if I don't enter, at least I have a chance now. 

For me though, I don't need a new phone. I never spend money on myself. I don't even remember the last thing I bought myself. The boys, and my husband, always come first and I'm just happy as long as they are. 

Someone who does need a new phone though, is my husband. For over a year now, he has struggled along with a phone that he hates but cannot afford to replace. His is one of the fruit variety *wink*wink* and although having a keyboard on it does make typing a doddle, the fact that it cuts out every time he makes a phone call means that it can get somewhat annoying. 

My husband works hard for our family, doing as many hours as possible to give us enough to treat the boys, take them places etc. Even though he is currently on the waiting list for a back operation, he has 2 discs which are bulged into opposite directions causing pain in his back, pelvic area and legs, he still works through the pain to make sure that he is always providing for us. 

The main worry for me is that when he does eventually have to go for the operation, I wont be able to get in touch with him as his phone has cut out, or the battery (which has as much power as a donkey powered aeroplane) has died. 

And for all the reasons above, I declare that I do not deserve to win this prize, my husband does... 

I am writing this post to enter the Virgin Media competition to win Samsung Galaxy S5.

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