6 April 2014

Sensory Experiences In life

Everyone is different. We all have our likes and our dislikes. We sense different things to each other and our sensory perceptions can be stimulated in so many ways. 

We recently found out that Thomas needs to wear glasses, and it wasn't for just a minor impairment. They think he may have a lazy eye (my mum also has this condition) and so his glasses are very strong indeed. 

In a way, this upset me very much. Not because he had to wear glasses, but because it meant that for 4 years, he had been struggling to see everything properly but never mentioned it to us.  

I guess to him, everything was normal. He didn't know any different. Sort of like, the whole world was in HD but he could only see in normal definition. 

This is what got me thinking on the sensory experiences we all go through, growing up, over the years and how they hep us to grow our minds. 

Pepsi Max opened its doors to a unique multi-sensory experience, designed to stimulate, excite and heighten your senses as mysterious black cubes appeared around the country between 5th -- 9th March. Inside, people were taken on a journey to explore a series of zones in which their perception of space, orientation and time was challenged. 

As they reached the end, they discovered a levitating can of Pepsi Max. You can see all about it in the film above. All the things that happened to the people there, are things that could and probably will happen to us all over the years of our lives. 

The feeling that your heart is going to beat out of your chest when you are scared. 

Tiptoeing to try and make ourselves as light as possible when walking on something unsafe.

The bright, vivid colours that grow our imaginations and open up our eyes to a whole new series of possibilities.

Things might be scary in life, but sometimes, we need that scare, that space, that bright light, to show just how far we can push ourselves.
- PR collaboration 

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  1. That sounds like a great experience. My five year old son also has a lazy eye and other problems he unfortunately wont experience 3d movies, but it could be worse :)