22 April 2014

Keeping Busy In The School Holidays

These school holidays will end soon and Thomas will be going back to school. I am glad that nearly every day of these holidays, we have been out, visiting new places, having fun and going on holiday. But after these 2 weeks out of school, I realised just how expensive keeping the boys entertained for the 6 weeks holidays will be and so thought that I better had start getting prepared now. 

6 weeks is a huge amount of time to fill so I thought that if we started saving now, we would have enough money to plan ahead and get everything ready for when the summer arrives. 

Seaside Escape
The main things that will make a huge dent out of the time and money will be a break away. As you all know, last week we took a family holiday to Cayton Bay, near Scarborough, and even though we loved it, we were gutted that it was such a short break. And so we are planning on booking again for the summer holidays but going away for a full week. 

Paddling in the sea, building sandcastles and getting to do loads of activities that are being held their. All keeping the boys entertained whilst we get a lovely week away from work, away from bills, away from everything. 

Wheely Good Fun
Buying the boys some ride-ons will be great for the summer days of playing out on the street. Thomas already has a bike, which he loves, but has recently been wanting to play at the skatepark at our local park. For that reason, I have been checking out Penny Skateboards UK to find a nice skateboard for Thomas to practice on. I remember when I was a child, sitting on a skateboad and riding down the street and it would be nice for Thomas to learn some new skills whilst playing too. 

Creating a Masterpiece 
Well, maybe not the Mona Lisa, but getting the boys to get creative is a good way to pass the time and make something that can show off their creative sides. Papier-mâché hot airs balloons are fun to do and easy to make. Finger painting is messy but what child doesn't like being messy. Even getting a couple of sticks of chalk and drawing on the pavement is fun for children, heck I find it fun too. I love a bit of hopscotch.

Keeping It Educational
Going out for the day can be super fun but also educational too depending on where you decide to go. We regularly take the boys to significant spots, to bird watch, look at ruins and educate them whilst they get to play. 

This week, we popped to Kirkstall Abbey for a walk around. Kirkstall Abbey is a ruined Cistercian monastery set in a public park on the north bank of the River Aire in Leeds. 
The picturesque ruins are open for the public to walk inside (after extensive renovations a few years back to make it safe) and they are truly beautiful to see. 

Not only did the boys get to run around, climb and check out hidey holes, but as we walked around, I explained all about it's history to help them understand about the building, what is was built for, why it was destroyed and how come we love to visit places like this. 

There are so many activities we can plan to keep the boys entertained for the holidays and I just can't wait to get started organising our days. What do you have planned to keep your children entertained?


  1. That top photo is beautiful. You should have it made in to canvas

    Sarah G

  2. It's good to see that we're not the only ones who don't rely on the tv and computer games for the holidays! We have a beach (Skegness) 30 minutes drive away and the nearby marshes are great fun for getting dirty and enjoying ourselves, but unfortunately so many children around the area have never been to either, and apart from petrol, it doesn't have to cost a penny!

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