3 April 2014

How To Have The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter holidays are almost here and as a parent of young children, it’s all about the yummy chocolate eggs and getting to go on egg hunts to find them. Although scoffing the chocolate is the end reward, the fun part is the hunt for the  laughter, excitement and finding the hidden treats. 

The more thought you put into the hunt, the better it will be. The Easter Holiday Boredom Conqueror guide, put together by Homecrafts.co.uk, has some great tips on how to liven it all up.

Easter Holiday Boredom Conqueror
An infographic by Homecrafts

Before it all starts, why not turn all the little cherubs into Easter bunnies or Easter chicks, using a face paint kit? 

Then, get to work on egg hunt bags as the kids will need something to put their goodies in once found. This is a great craft project to do the day before. It will mean that the kids are spending the day crafting knowing that they will get tasty treats the day after. Simply get some plain paper bags, and decorate: with jewels, stickers, flowers and colours.

For something extra special, make a giant egg. It’s easier than you think as you just mix PVA glue with water and use that to mould tissue paper around a balloon. I do love a bit of papier-mache and what's better than creating a huge egg in the process. Just leave a small opening at the top of the balloon, and when the paper has dried, pop the balloon then fill with toys, treats and mini eggs for the ultimate winners prize!

I can't wait for Easter, for the fun, the creativeness and, most importantly, the chocolate. Will you be having some Easter fun this month?


  1. Fab Post <3 We are in the process of planning our hunt!!!

  2. I love Easter egg hunts. Like the idea of the papier mache egg.

  3. Thanks, some great ideas!!