8 April 2014

Getting to Snack Happy With the Help of Jacob's

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Being a blogger means that I do get a lot of opportunities come my way that I wouldn't usually get to experience. Items to review, we have toy boxes full of toys which the boys love, days out to visit places and getting to chat to and meet lots of lovely people from all aspects of my work. 

A fortnight ago, I got an email from Jacob's PR company who had noticed that I write about food a baking quite a bit and wanted to send me out some goodies so that we could #SnackHappy . Why not, I thought. I love Jacobs savoury snacks. Their Flatbreads are delicious and Thomas will only Jacobs cream crackers as they are his favourites. 

A huge black box with a gold box arrived which I couldn't wait to open. Inside was a beautiful red picnic rug which will definitely come in handy in Scarborough this week, perfect for picnics on the beach. There was also a box of their new Mixed Gran Crispbread and a glass jar full of salt and vinegar Oddities and Mini Cheddars. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Jacob's, Crackers, Oddities, Mini Cheddars, Crispbread, Picnic,

The thing I loved most though, was the fact that they had taken the time to look through my blog, find their favourite recipe and print it out to include in the box. It showed that they actually care who they are working with and makes me enjoy my job even more. 

Lets just say that the packs didn't last long! The jar lip popped open and we all enjoyed a bag each and it's safe to say that the salt and vinegar flavour and now a favourite in our household. I love these packs as they are just the right size for putting in packed lunches and Thomas always has a pack of Mini Cheddars in his. Now I know that he likes the Oddities though, it means that I can swap and Change every day to give him variety. 

The Mixed Gran Crispbreads come in a box with 5 sealing packs inside. One pack has gone already, perfect topped with cottage cheese and cucumber but the rest I have packed into our case to take to Scarborough with us. They'll be a nice, yummy alternative to sandwiches whilst we are sat having a picnic on the beach. 

It really is nice to receive surprises from companies and I am really lucky to get these opportunities, especially where food is involved. Oh I do love my food!


  1. OOh I would have loved that package x

  2. These look fab hope you have a lovely time away