25 April 2014

Dressing For Summer

With the summer holidays getting closer and closer, it's a good time to start thinking about getting your summer wardrobe in order, choosing what you'll be packing for your jolly's and getting organised. 

I am a very organised person. We go away to the coast again in the summer school holidays and already, I have part of the case ready. You know, things such as swimming items, sun cream, sunglasses and summer clothing. 

The above photo was taken on our last holiday to the coast a couple of week back. I love anything floral and think that it is the perfect summer style. I try to always have at least one floral item of clothing on and that time, it was my shorts. 

Here is Monsoon's new video, showing how to pack for the perfect holiday...

You don't need to pack everything and the kitchen sink. Mix and match items to suit. Pick a skirt that can be matched with a few different tops for varying looks. Choose a dress that can be worn on the beach but then paired with a pair of heels for a night-time style too. 

Accessories are easy. Go for bright and bold colours to stand out in the summer sun and make sure you pick colours to match in with the clothing you have packed. 

Most of all, don't go overboard. There is no point packing the whole content of your wardrobe when you are going for a cheeky weekend away. Be practical and have fun with it. 


  1. I am so looking forward to going away for the bank holiday weekend I need to find our suitcase.