1 April 2014

Dreaming Of Our Break Away

I really cannot believe it. Next week is the week we go away on our first family break and I cannot wait for it to get here so we can finally have a nice holiday away from home and just chill for a couple of days. 

We are going to Cayton Bay, near Scarborough, and will be spending the vast majority of our time in the complex itself, trying out the pool, the fun and the food, with the last day being spent in Scarborough before we reluctantly make our way home. 

The boys can't wait. Thomas even digging out his armbands and packing them in his suitcase ready to go, it is going to be great. 

10 minutes from the beach, Scarborough a short bus ride away, the onsite playground, amusements and play areas will keep the boys entertained during the day with other fun activities from the Krew too. My husband and myself will just be happy to see the boys having fun, getting to explore a new place and getting smacked in the chops by the fantastic sea air. 

I know that it might not seem much to others, but to us, it's our first family holiday, a fab break and great family time together. 


  1. Pam Francis Gregory1 April 2014 at 21:42

    Scarborough is great - Have a great time!

  2. Have a fab time! I wish were getting away somewhere this year x

  3. Oooo have a good time...I must start saving for next year

  4. Ooh lovely. Have a nice time :)

  5. There's a lovely beach at Cayton Bay too ... it's quite a walk back up the hill, but IMHO well worth it (although I wouldn't say that at the time) :-)
    Enjoy yourselves x

  6. I really hope you all have a fab time and don't forget to take loads of photo's.

  7. Have a great time - its great to get family time!


  8. I know what you feel like . I cant wait for our family holiday in Isle of Wight in August :0

  9. Have a wonderful time, sounds like you are all rearing to go :)