7 April 2014

Creating Separate Living And Dining Spaces

I love the fact that our room is big enough to have a dining table in it. It means that we have somewhere to sit and eat, for the boys to get creative on, and ... I'm lying, I hate it. Our livingroom is too big!

Too big for organising it, everything has to coordinate which ends up looking like one huge colour burst. Too big for decorating as the whole room has to look the same which gets a little boring. Our main wall is too big to be a feature wall and if I did wallpaper it dark then the room would look too overpowered. Our dining table is just stuck in the corner gathering dust and rarely gets used as we end up piling it high with toys. 

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That's why we've recently been looking in to splitting the room up. A couple of the houses in our area have done the same also. Putting a stud wall up at the centre of the room to make 2 rooms. This would work fine in our room as it has 2 doors, 2 lights, 2 sets of windows at each end and is big enough to cut in half and still have 2 good sized rooms. 

Our living room would then encompass all the furniture and the colour scheme that is already in there, bright red. I can then get creative with the dining room and get to design it all myself. I do love a bit of collaging!

2 colour schemes are screaming out to me at the moment, turquoise or purple. I love both of these big, bold colours but finally settled on turquoise as our bedroom is purple and this way our whole house will be different. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Dining Room, Turquoise, Decorating, Style, Redecorate, Modern, Dining Table,

I've scoured the net for some of my favourite items, just to give me inspiration for when the time actually comes to go and start buying things. I've found some beautiful items on Super Amart which would look lovely in my new contemporary dining room.

A gorgeous solid wood dining table with cream chairs. I prefer this as I can then dress the table with turquoise and blue accessories, such as huge dishes and place-mats, so the whole room isn't too overpowered.

I will be keeping the family photos in the livingroom instead and making this room fully modern with some artwork on the wall and maybe a mirror too to match the stunning style. Matching wood frames and coordinating colours to keep within the scheme and the whole room will come together.

I am a day dreamer at heart and when I get a new task to do, my mind blows with the possibilities. I now cannot wait for work to start in the room so that we can then have 2 beautiful rooms, a pretty family room and a modern, sleek dining room!

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