3 April 2014

Children Are The Best Critics

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Children may embarrass us sometimes by saying the most private things, out in public but, when it comes to new programmes, toys and everything child-related, they are the best critics. 

Their little faces will light up if they see something that is fantastic, but woe betide something that they don't like. Not only will they let it be known, but they will tell you every single little detail that is wrong, why they hate it and that they will obviously never, ever play or watch it again.

There have been many times that I have had to change the channel because the cartoon is 'rubbish' according to Thomas.

Check out what these kids though when they got to watch the latest selection of kids TV Pilots from Amazon Studios:

Not only do these children get to watch new pilot episodes, but they can rate them at the end too with their feedback being used to help decide which shows are made into full seasons.

Seeing children watch these new episodes and mimic them, talk about them and love them, just shows how influential they can be when it comes to what they, and other children will like. The fact that children have watched them and get to give their own opinion and these ratings can then be used to decide what is made, gives our youngsters their own independence to choose what they want.

I do love this idea, as like I said above, children are the best critics when it comes to what they watch and as always, if they hate or rate something, they will let you know!

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  1. This is so true and children are very honest!

  2. My son is very honest especially at nursery if he doesn't like something he will mention it at every opportunity

  3. Cannot tell you how many times my 3 have embarrassed me with comments out in public.

  4. Tobys proud mummy5 April 2014 at 16:26

    My eldest son was very very honest sometimes I wanted the ground to swallow me up with the comments he made when we were out and about.. Cant wait till my little one is talking properly for the fun to begin again xxxx