7 April 2014

Buying A New Engagement Ring

I haven't had an engagement ring for years. When I was pregnant with Thomas, I was made redundant and, to be able to afford to buy baby items, I sold my ring and used the money for a cot and some baby clothes. I didn't mind as my children will always come first. 

Recently though, I have been looking into getting a new engagement ring to replace the one I used to have. My old one was just a plain gold, three diamond ring, but this time, I want something different.

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I want something bright, something stunning and something that will stand out from the plain old boring rings I used to own. 

After having a look around, I found that Emerald Diamond Rings look beautiful and would make stunning engagement rings. I'm not really a green type of girl but have been told that it suits my skin tone. 

I do love all colours so have been trying to picture some of my favourites and see how they would suit me. I have blonde hair and a very fair skin tone so colours like pinks and purples suit me more and of course, you can't go wrong with a diamond or two. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Rings, Engagement Ring, Angara,

For me though, I love the ring in the centre of the above picture. All the colours I like but in a different shape than usual. It's quirky and something that would last a lifetime. Something that I could pass on to my sons, for their partners or for if I ever have my own daughter. 

Angara have lovingly given me a code whereby you can get 15% off plus a free Gift on all orders if you use the code GIFT15 when ordering. Check out their Facebook page for more photos and deals. 

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