20 April 2014

A Photo A Day Project Week 16

The last week of the school holidays have flown by. We have managed to get out quite a bit and the great weather means that we've had fun in the sun also. 

The boys got bored of sticking to paper all the time, so this week I bought some chalk and they loved drawing on the pavement in the garden. We made a hopscotch, wrote our names and even did little doodles too. 

Just making sure the Easter eggs taste okay. Ooops, naughty mummy pinched an egg. Don't worry though, I have replaced it now hehe!

The reason I am always up early on a morning. These 2 monsters always pop into the bedroom and slip into bed with me, usually kicking me out in the process.

Kirkstall Abbey is a beautiful place to visit. We live close to it so visit quite a lot. A few yeas back, they renovated it all, fixing the unsafe parts and then opening up the building to the public to view the beauty and history. 

We've had lovely weather this week so I thought I'd get a selfie whilst chilling in the garden. The boys enjoyed some down time in the pool and Charlie enjoyed riding his scooter. Well, not really riding it, but having fun nevertheless.

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  1. Kirkstall Abbey does look wonderful

  2. That Abbey is quite wonderful, we have one near us which is very similar but I haven't been to it since I was a teenager. Can't wait to take The Boy to see it.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.