1 April 2014

A Photo A Day Project Week 13

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This week hasn't been a very busy time, we are saving for our holiday which we are going to during the Easter school holidays and so are having to make our own fun at home whilst trying to keep money tight. 

We started off by doing our own paintings, practising with finger painting and different shapes to make flowers and pretty designs. 

Being a blogger means that we often get perks of receiving toys for the boys. This week was no exception and Charlie loves this wooden fire truck that will be reviewed on the blog over the coming week. 

Tuesday was a busy day. My husband, who has suffered from a bad back for ages now, had been sent for an MRI scan and today was the day he went for it. Now we just need to wait for the results and hope it's nothing too bad. 

Charlie and myself popped to my sister-in-laws today and I managed to get this snap whilst we were waiting in the car.

Thomas had an eye test last week which flagged up some concerns. They think that he could have a lazy eye which is probably genetic. My mum also has a lazy eye and is now blind in that eye, so I can thank her for passing on the bad eyesight! He has now been referred to the Children's Hospital for further tests and been given a pair of glasses to help his sight until then. After much deliberation, Thomas chose some Moshi Monster glasses and he loves wearing them, thankfully. 

Cuticura sent us out some Mother's Day craft items and Thomas took no time at all getting creative and making me this gorgeous card. 

For Mother's Day, we went to my sis-in-laws house for dinner. It's her first Mother's Day as her daughter is only 2 month old and so it was nice to celebrate with the family. When we got home, we had a chill outside and then came in to draw and do the puzzles in Thomas' new books. 

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  1. Have fun on your holiday. We just came back from our little mini holiday :) Sounds like you had a busy week.

  2. Hope the MRI scan comes back nothing to serious, but something shows so you can get a reason for any issues. Glasses and tests can work wonders these days, and he has been picked up at a young age, he suits them, they look good. Finger painting - messy but fun