28 April 2014

5 of the best Upcycling Ideas for your Old Jars

Upcycling is a rapidly growing trend and it’s clear to see why – it’s a fantastic way to save money and to create something for your home/lifestyle that is perfectly unique to you.

We’ve had our eyes on a particular trend at the moment that captures this essence perfectly and it involves upcycling and renovating your old mason jars into new, beautiful decorative pieces for your home. You’ll be amazed at the thinks you can do with those old jars that are gathering dust at the back of your cupboards!

We’ve listed 5 of our favourite ideas to get you inspired to give it a go.

1. Do-it-yourself candles
The prospect of making your own candles sounds a little daunting, but it’s actually surprisingly easy. It’s a pretty appealing venture too, with decent scented candles in pretty jars/holders being really pricey. You can choose your own scents and colours and follow a how-to guide to get your desired end result! You could do one for each room to go with your colour scheme and mood in each space of your home. They make lovely gifts, too.

2. Filled with fairy lights
Fairy lights are a great atmospheric feature of any space – indoor or outdoor. Crafters on sites like Pinterest are getting more inventive with what they do with fairy lights and how they can use them for differing effects. We absolutely adore the idea of using them displayed in mason jars for a really pretty, arty feel. You can get indoor fairy lights from lights4fun.co.uk very cheaply, too.

3. Paint it with your colour scheme colours
If you are the sort of person where every item in your room has to work together perfectly, finding little ornaments and decorations to match can be a bit of a challenge sometimes, especially if you have a very specific taste. Therefore, why not make your own features? Painting glass usually requires special techniques and paints to keep the effect and to avoid looking streaky. There’s a great tutorial here for avoiding just that and for creating a distressed, vintage look.

4. Hanging tea light holders
Another way to use candles with your mason jars is to put tea lights (or other candles of your choice) into them and use them as candle holders. If you want to amp-up this look further and to make them more of a conversation piece, you could try attaching a handle for them to suspend them from ceilings/high furnishings. For special occasions and things like garden parties, you could hang them outside from tree branches and things, too!

5. For use as small vases
If you never seem to have enough vases or you just love the idea of always having flowers in your home, you could use mason jars as vases for your flowers. You could use just a few stems in each jar or fill them with blooming, bright bunches to create two beautiful and feminine effects. These ones found on Pinterest looks absolutely stunning. We think they’d make great centre pieces for a vintage style wedding, too!


  1. fab ideas I need to get some ideas for what to do with ramkins

  2. I love how creative people are with jars. Thank you for the tips

    Sarah G

  3. I love things like this, could sit all day making things :)

  4. Great ideas! I use them for tea lights - they look great if you paint a pretty design on them with glass paint too! Gives a lovely stained glass jar effect!

  5. great ideas, love the tealight holder

  6. I always wonder what to do with my old jars and these are all fab ideas, I'm going to give the tea light holder thing a go as they would lovely on my table outside.

    kirstyjfox [at] yahoo [dot] com