25 March 2014

Helping your Family Take Care of your Pregnant Cat

If your cat is expecting kittens, they will most likely be very capable of taking care of themselves to a degree. However, there are things that you and your family can do to help them as pregnancy can be a difficult time for any expectant mum – fury or not! My sister has just found out that her cat is expecting kittens, and this got me to thinking, how do you look after a pregnant cat?

I've put together some tips for things that you can do to help them as much as possible.

Know the facts
Understanding what your cat will be going through is the best way to help her at each stage of her pregnancy. Their pregnancy generally lasts for around 9 weeks, and they can give birth to 1-8 kittens at a time. Your vet may be able to determine how many kittens she is expecting during an examination of the abdomen.

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Ensure they have good quality food
It’s essential that your queen (pregnant cat) has a good diet with lots of useful nutrients for themselves and the new arrivals. Vitamins that are specially designed for pregnant cats alongside good food are a great idea, and you can get these and other cat products online by vet-medic.com. Also avoid giving them medication whilst they are pregnant – if they do have any medical problems consult your vet who will be able to form a good plan of action.

Give her time to herself to rest
Queens generally don’t like a lot of attention from other cats or people whilst expecting, even if they are familiar with them very well. It’s important that your little ones understand this and know the importance of giving their cat some privacy. Set up a cosy bed for her to spend some alone time at different stages in the day to help keep her comfortable and relaxed. They should also generally be left alone when it comes to the labour unless you have any concerns in which you can discreetly check in on them a couple of times.

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Cat, Kitten, Pregnancy, Pregnant cat, Care, Birth, Plan, Tips,

Prepare a nest for the birth
Have your little ones help prepare a place for the labour that will be warm, comfortable, cosy and private. It would be ideal if there is a window that overlooks this space so that you can keep an eye on her without disturbing her as she gives birth. This should also be the cat’s private space to feed and groom her newborns for the next 4 weeks. Don’t panic if your cat loses quite a bit of weight after giving birth as this is normal. Just ensure that they are receiving a strong supply of nutrients to help them get back on their feet as well as being able to provide enough milk for their young.

Have a plan for the new kittens
If you’re not planning on keeping some or any of the litter, having a good idea as to where they are going after the recommended 4-6 weeks with their mother is a good plan as this will take a weight off your mind. It will also help little ones to remember this as they fall in love with the newborns! Ensure you are confident and comfortable with the people you are giving the kittens to.


  1. i would also recommend to be there for birth, my cat waited patiently for me, I knew it and had to rush to help and support her

  2. 9 weeks is such a short time isn't it. It's a good idea to tell young children what you plan to do with the kittens.

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