20 March 2014

Getting To Pamper Myself With The Help Of Pebble Grey

Like every other woman out there, I love being pampered. My husband isn't the most romantic of men though so I have to usually buy myself things or treat myself to a Mother's Day present that I know that I will truly love. This year, I don't need to though as Pebble Grey have done it for me. Sending me out this haul of gorgeous pamper products to really treat myself for Mother's Day. 

Pebble Grey was born in 2008, when the Director, Helena Sheldrake, wanted to earn some money so she began to sell bathroom mirrors via eBay. After a research trip to China, Helena officially registered Pebble Grey in late 2008. From there she began to moved away from eBay and started building a website and a brand. In 2013 Pebble Grey had to move into new, bigger premises to cope with demand that they were receiving and this is the brand they are today. A website full of mirrors.

I was so happy when they got in touch to send me a pamper pack out and was even more shocked when it arrived, to see the amount of goodies I received. All packaged up in a red and white polka dot box, wrapped, lovingly in crepe paper was a plethora of gifts. 

From one of their very own cosmetic mirrors to bath soak, creams and some very comfy looking slippers too. 

Well, it's not often that I get a night to myself, but this week, my parents looked after the boys and I took the chance to relax, have a bath without toys in it and pamper myself without the worry that the boys will run off with the creams and squirt them down the stairs (this has happened before!)  

The Pebble Grey LED Cosmetic Mirror is the perfect little gift. It had a gorgeous silver design and is mirrored on both inside panels, the top mirror has lighting around the edge which is great for seeing the face more clearly whilst trying to get make up on. Beautifully packaged in a luxurious velvet pouch and boxed in a black Pebble Grey box, this is a useful product that fits easily into your handbag. 

Agent Provocateur Maitresse Seductive Silk Body Scrub is so luxurious. It's not often I get to splurge on expensive beauty items and so it was nice to try this one out for myself. It is a truly gorgeous body scrub that leaves the skin cleansed, nourished and silky-smooth but also leaves the mind fully relaxed with its beautiful scent. 

The Spa Luxury Bath Soak just pours into the bath and gives the feeling of pure relaxation. Jasper Conran moisturising body lotion keeps my skin silky smooth, Elizabeth Arden moisturising hand treatment stops my hand from drying out and the Baylis and Harding foot soak crystals and soothing foot lotion are great to sooth the feet after a hard days work (or running after the children).

After the joys of soaking it up in a relaxing bath, complete with a glass of wine, scented candles and lathering myself up in these gifts, I took to painting my nails with the gorgeous pink shade of Tutu from Calvin Klein that was also in the pack and chilling in my very comfy new slippers. 

It was a great, relaxing night and the amount of stuff means that it will all last a while so I will get to pamper myself again. I am so thankful to Pebble Grey for sending me everything out. 

You can find the cosmetic mirror and all other styles on the Pebble Grey website.  


  1. I have a Pebble Grey LED Cosmetic Mirror too and love it! Your pampering session sounds lovely and love the nail varnish colour!

  2. what a lovely box of goodies, the mirror looks great

  3. What a great review. I second Tracy's comment, the nail varnish colour is gorgeous!!