12 March 2014

Designing A Nautical Themed Bedroom

The one thing I hate about decorating is that you know that after a few months, you will be bored of the colour, the style, and will want to redo it all. This is very true with the boys’ room.

A few years ago, we ripped out their whole bedroom, re-coloured, redecorated and redesigned, going for a Fireman Sam theme, the character that Thomas just loved... at that time. Now, he's not so bothered, he prefers a mix of characters and it's left me feeling a little deflated that it cost us so much money to buy everything which now aren't really needed.

We also had problems with space. Although we do have a three bedroom house, the boys hate been separated and so share one bedroom. Having 2 beds in there has caused problems though. It is a big bedroom but a full wall is cut off with a radiator and a huge walk-in cupboard so trying to configure it has been a problem. At the moment, Charlie's junior bed is blocking the cupboard off which means having to pull it out every time I need to get in there.

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And that got me thinking... Why don't we design a bedroom which can grow with the children instead of one we need to keep changing? A bedroom which can fit the 2 boys in, look boyish but still be simple to change as and when they do. 

So I made a mood board of what the boys would like. I was thinking that the best way of doing this was to have plain walls but then use accessories, pictures and bunting to style the bedroom. A blank colour that could grow with them with the pale blue and then a theme that would suit now but that could also be easily changed as and when the boys tastes grow.

Then I have to combat the space issue. I looked at a host of single beds, mid-sleepers and bunk beds and eventually set my sights on a gorgeous set of pine bunk beds that not only look durable and good quality, but can also be separated if the boys wanted to be in different bedrooms in the future. This would also combat that space issue too and give the rest of the room for cupboards and toys.

Parent Blog, Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Bedroom, Nautical Theme, Single Bed, Bunk Beds, Boys Room,

Working on a nautical theme, I will base the bedroom around a red, white and blue colour scheme, the blue being the base colour on the walls and then the rest in accessories. I love this theme, it is so modern but will also look great and is something that the boys will love too.

The amount of choice at the moment has left me in design heaven.

Imagining the things I can do to the room, what I can buy, make ourselves and fix up. Having a painter for a husband comes in handy also, I give him the paint and off he goes.

Now I just need to start collecting items and get down to the business of creating the masterpiece of a bedroom. Letting my imagination run wild and giving the boys a beautiful, nautical bedroom that any little pirate would love!


  1. I love the idea of this theme. http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk/

  2. Cant wait to c the finished result!

  3. Great to see this here i was searching such bedroom design ideas
    from last few weeks but finally i got here thanks to you mate and best of luck i hope i will see more from you....

  4. I really like the nautical theme. Great post! Wish my hubby was a painter. We talk about painting our rooms but it takes us years to actually do one room!