12 March 2014

Creating Our Perfect Bedroom

Well, I say 'our perfect bedroom' but to be honest, I mean mine. Simon is not bothered what our bedroom looks like, as long as it has a bed, he doesn't care. He is just there to paint it and move the heavy stuff, I concentrate on everything else. 

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So I got out my designs, my colour wheel and started creating a mood board of what I wanted in the bedroom, the colour scheme and the overall feel of the room. Purple, I knew it just had to be purple and I chose a gorgeous dark shade of Berry Burst purple for the big walls and Pastel Purple for the side walls. 

The bed would be the main focus in the room and so I knew that we'd need to save quite a bit of money to buy a good quality one. A kingsize for when the children try to work their way in and a divan so that we had draws underneath to store all of our bedding. 

After much searching, checking out reviews and budgeting, we settled on the one we wanted. A black, kingsize divan which has a 12inch thick memory foam mattress and a leather headboard. I had focussed on this one so much since it had the memory foam mattress which is great for my husband. He has back problems, this month is going for an MRI scan to see if they can find what's wrong, and so I wanted to make sure that he got a comfortable sleep.
I also splashed out on some revolutionary anti snore pillows but this is more for me, so that I can get a good nights sleep. It seems that our sons have got their dads snoring genes. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Loved By Parents, Decorating, Personalised, Bedroom, Paint,

After the main items were bought, paint, furniture and the bed, I then concentrated on the accessories. The gorgeous cream, floral curtains and the huge canvas were both great deals from scouring the web but then I wanted something more personal. I had the mirrored photo frame at the back of a cupboard and when I dug it out, I knew that it would look perfect with photos of myself and my husband in it. It has been placed opposite the window so that the reflection shines around the room.

I then finished with some wooden heart personalised items from Calico Gifts who hand makes all the items herself. I chose the words 'Only you can give me that feeling' in the centre of the large heart and it looks extra special in our bedroom, all the colours match perfectly in my colour scheme.

It took us a while to get there, but I think that eventually, we have the perfect bedroom. Well, the perfect bedroom for us, until I get bored and want to redecorate...

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  1. I got away with having purple curtains, cushions and bits in the living room but my fella put his foot down and said no purple in the bedroom!!
    It does look fab! I'm going to show him how good it looks....Maybe it will convince him! ;)

  2. I have some purple in my bedroom too, such a lovely colour.

  3. I love purple but since we live in a rented place we have white/cream walls so looks rather boring without our bright bedding lol.

  4. oh it looks fab, I especially like the duvet cover and canvas..its perfect for not being too girlish!

  5. It looks spectacular - like out of a home magazine. Wish I could be brave with colours.