12 March 2014

Asda Launch Premature Baby Clothing Range

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George at Asda have this week launched the first supermarket range of premature baby clothing in partnership with Tommy’s.

The new range will be the most affordable on the high street and 10% from the sale of each garment will be donated to Tommy’s to fund research and support families with premature babies. 
The new range catering for babies who are born weighing anything from just 1lbs to 5lbs and it has been in development for over a year alongside Tommy’s midwives to ensure it meets the care needs of the 60,000 premature babies born in the UK every year.

Emma-Lees Laing, Midwifery Manager at Tommy’s said:
“Premature babies can spend many weeks in hospital being cared for by medical staff, and often dressing their baby is one of the few ways that parents can care for their newborn. However, getting clothes to fit a 3lb baby is a real struggle and often parents are reliant on hospital gowns or nothing at all. This new affordable range means that parents will be able to choose clothes for their children in the same way as other parents, dress them in clothes personal to them, and start the journey of daily care for their baby.”

According to the survey by George and Tommy's, 80% of parents of a premature baby found buying clothing to fit their baby a challenge and 87% had no idea where to shop for premature baby clothing. The new range from George will ease the stress as it will be stocked in 70 of their stores and online so that parents can browse the selection whilst buying groceries. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, premature baby, premature clothing, Asda, George at Asda,

Annette Briley, Tommy’s research midwife at St Thomas’ Hospital London said:
“Every parent loves the process of choosing pink clothes for a girl or blue clothes for their boy, and with babies that are born very early and are not yet fully developed, the sense of identity that clothes can bring is even more important. It’s great to see cute, colourful clothes for premature babies that are both affordable and widely available.”

George’s range starts at just £5 for three bodysuits which is a hell of a lot cheaper than similar garments for premature babies and the range includes special features such as a flat open-out fitting, extra poppers and irritation free seams to ensure clothing is comfortable and easy to secure around medical equipment. 

The premature range is available online on the Asda website and in selected stores also. 


  1. am glad that they have chosen to do this there aren't that many clothes around for premature babies.

  2. I found it so hard to find things to fit so more premature ranges very welcome.

  3. What lovely designs and supporting a good cause - love it xx

  4. Asda's clothes for any age or sex are fab!

  5. Pam Francis Gregory13 March 2014 at 09:23

    What a brilliant idea - If only all retailers were so forward thinking!

  6. this is so good to see, prem baby clothes are so expensive everywhere else

  7. that is brilliant, my son was born 3months prematurely in Halifax and spent 11 weeks in scbu there, there was a shop just outside the hospital selling prem clothes, but they were an absolute fortune but that's where I had to get them as there was no where else to get them ( this was21 years ago tho!)