1 March 2014

A Photo A Day Project Weeks 8 & 9

That's right, I'm doing a fortnights one again as I am behind. 14 photos showing what we have been up to this past 2 week.

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It was the school holidays this week so I made sure we were super busy. These photos don't quite do justice to how busy we in fact were as I could only use 1 per day but nevertheless, I managed to whittle them all down. 

Thomas is always playing with his best friend Macey and today, he popped to her house to play for a few hours. I didn't want Charlie to get bored so we baked instead. Deciding to try my Divine Chocolate Brownies, recipe here, I experimented, putting in orange rind for an extra fruity flavour. 

The weather seemed nicer this week so we have managed to get out quite a bit. When playing in the garden got boring, we met Macey, her mum, sister and brother, to have a nice walk up to our local park. It was all going well until the heavens opened and we all got soaked. Now that was a quick run home to get dry. 

Kids find playing with weird things funny and today saw the boys rolling around in the washing basket. Yes, you heard right. One of them would climb in and the other would push it around the room. Hilariously funny apparently. After buying a great range of swimming aids and costumes, we also went swimming but I am not allowed to take photos in there for obvious reasons which is why I stuck with the washing basket photo. 

After the holidays had finished, the first day back at school arrived. Thomas couldn't wait to get in to see all his friends again. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, #Project365, 365 Photo Project, A Photo A Day,

Since the school holidays are over, I decided that now was the time to sort Thomas' memory box out. Every time he brings something from school, it goes onto the fridge and then into his memories box to keep forever. I simply bought a mail box from the Post Office and we painted and decorated to suit. A mix of a letter from Santa, pictures from school, craft items and Valentines day cards are going in this time.

Macey came around for dinner today. It was nice to see them sat at the table chatting and then Thomas ate more dinner since she was here. Think I'll have her around more often. So they didn't get bored, I decided to make pancakes for pudding and they all got to help. Decorating their own pancakes. Thought it was good to get a bit of practice in for Pancake Day so I don't burn them.

What's the best way to come home from school? Why it's on someone else's shoulders of course. Thomas loves being on daddies shoulders, especially since he doesn't have to walk. 

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  1. debbie godbolt2 March 2014 at 03:10

    lovely photos its nice to see a week in picture something great to look back on when they grow up :)

  2. Nice photos. I like the boys neat hair-cuts.

    Rachel Craig

  3. fun times, nice to be outside now the weather is warmer

  4. The laundry basket picture is great! Kids can have fun with just about anything.