14 February 2014

The Best ways to Hang Your Favourite Photos

If you’re looking for ways to display your favourite, beautiful photos look no further. We’ve scoured the web, checking out all of the best design and craft websites to find the latest trends to showcase our pictures, which is great if your mantelpiece is heaving under the weight of millions of frames.
Think outside the box with us as we explore wall art trends, photography tips and even things you can do with your snaps to transform them into great photo gifts.

Photo canvases
Transforming your photograph and mounting it onto a canvas is the easiest way to embrace the modern trend of updating your photo display techniques. You can blow one photo up really big and have little ones around the edge for an even trendier look that will instantly grab attention. They’re a great, dramatic piece so keep photos simple and classic to suit the theme.

Washing line photo display
This is a great option for bedrooms and smaller spaces as it looks really dainty and sweet. Display your favourite prints (we love the look when using Polaroid snaps) on a ‘photo washing line’ for a really fresh and cute look. We bet a little girl would absolutely love this look too, and that it would look really lovely in a nursery.

Photo collage
Why not get a huge photo frame and stick a mini version in it of each of your favourite pictures? This creates a great, unique photo collage look that will feel really modern and bang up-to-date. Keep other wall art on the same wall to a minimum to avoid the space looking cluttered and fussy. If you don’t value your crafty skills enough, you could always just buy a really big frame that allows you to put multiple photos in to make it easier.

Photo corner
If you have a little space in your home that you’d like to get more use out of in terms of interior design value, such as where the phone is, for example, transform the little corner into a photo corner. Use contrasting colours or the odd colour pop frame to add more interest and to grab attention, along with a mix of styles and designs of frames.

Photo booth wall
Photo booth snaps are amazing. They’re classic yet can also be used with a modern twist to transform into a really interesting piece of wall art. You could even get a photo booth picture made of each member of the family and display them going along the wall to introduce your guests to your wonderful (and wild) family.

Clashing coloured photos against a statement wall
If you use a lot of colour in your home, you can take advantage of this by displaying black and white photos on a particularly statement coloured wall. This pays homage to both the traditional and contemporary elements of design and will no doubt be the ideal talking point of any room. Turn your favourite photos black and white or even use vintage photos or newspaper clippings.


  1. Great ideas....We're decorating next week and I was just saying we needed more photos up of the kids and family x

  2. I like photos to be neat and tidy, rather than randomly placed over one another like that in the picture. I do use the washing line idea for postcards. Some great ideas here. Thanks.

  3. I love seeing people's family photographs in their homes - some are just a jumble and others are very tastefully displayed but, nevertheless, they are all good in their own special way!

  4. Photographs are great, it is good to show them off :- A variety of displays is modern.

    Rachel Craig

  5. I love finding new ways to display photos so fab ideas here

  6. I love these ideas - we have photos everywhere

  7. some really good ideas, I have lots of mismatched frames dotted around - need to have a change