26 February 2014

Getting Organised with Viking-Direct

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I am rubbish at organising things. Forever forgetting to do posts on the blog and always getting reminder emails from companies waiting on me writing things. I needed some way of organising things and started looking in to stationary to help. 

Viking-Direct offer a huge range of stationary supplies to get yourself organised. They are a global company, established in 1960 and now present in over 11 countries worldwide. Not only do they offer a huge range of choice, at great prices, but standard delivery a next day and they even offer same day delivery too. 

So when I got the chance to receive a haul of stationary items to help me get organised, I couldn't say yes fast enough. I received:

Ativa USB 2.0 16GB Flash Drive
This is great for storing my draft posts and photos on. Also, if I need to print blog items out, it means going to my parents to use their printer and using the flash drive will make it easier to transfer from one computer to the other. 

3 Pack of Pukka Pads Jotta Pad A5
These jotter pads are great for noting down everything I need to do. I have started using them whilst reviewing, drafting down what I want to talk about and writing things down that I need to remember. 

Office Depot Cube - Assorted Neon Sticky Notes
A range of different coloured sticky notes perfect for jotting things down quick. I regularly shop online and so now I using these sticky notes on the side of my laptop screen to remind me to use a cash-back website whilst shopping. 

4 Stabilo Boss Highlighters
I will be using these whilst writing notes to highlight the important things that I want to show off more. 
They have an excellent performance chisel tip and a high long lasting fluorescent colour.

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Stationary, review, Viking Direct,

Office Depot A7 Pocket Pad
I currently have this is my handbag so that whilst I am out and about, I can grab it and jot down ideas. 

Office Depot Assorted Rubber Brown Bands and Office Depot Multi-Coloured Paper Clips 
The rubber bands come in a range of different sizes and thickness's. They are stronger and so can be used over and over again. 
The paper clips are perfect for keeping paper together and the different colours means that you can organise different projects separated by colour. 

Box of 20 Niceday ball point pens
In a range fo 4 different colours, these will definitely come in handy as I am always losing my pens so having a big box will mean that I always have one handy. The pack of 20 includes five black, five blue, five green and five red

Hot Chocolate bundle pack
Surely you cannot expect me to do all this work writing my blog without a little chocolatey help? This pack includes a 1kg tin of Cadbury hot chocolate and a variety 22 pack of Cadbury mini chocolates. We are already a good way in to the tin of hot chocolate and the chocolates are... hmmm... gone!

What ever stationary supplies you are looking for, Viking-Direct are sure to be able to accommodate what you need. 


  1. The chocolates were so yummy they were gone pretty quick in our house.

  2. I also could be doing with getting more organised. Stationery does help.

    Rachel Craig

  3. I have the A4 Pukka Pads and they're great. The kids love them as they can use them for anything.

  4. I'm not convinced that chocolate is strictly necessary in being organised. ;O)

    1. Like the emoticon (hope I have the correct terminology and spelling). ;O)

      Rachel Craig

  5. Chocolate is essential to being organised, otherwise all other plans go out of the window whilst you search for a source!

  6. I do love Cadbury's Chocolate, so it would be quickly consumed, enjoyed and appreciated in my household also. Nice treat.

    Rachel Craig

  7. I love stationary - trouble is, if I buy a beautiful notebook I can't bear to spoil it by using it. Don't have that trouble with chocolate, strangely...

  8. I think the chocolate would probably prevent me from getting organised - haha.