22 January 2014

Why Do I Like Cleaning?

Is it just me that actually likes cleaning?

I can't help myself. I hate my house being messy and cannot leave things alone until everything is clean. Having children can make this hard work as it means that I am constantly running around after them tidying up but I don't mind. I love seeing my kids playing with their toys even if it does mean that I have more putting away to do once they've finished. 

It's not just me though as my husband loves cleaning too. Aside from the fact that he is a domestic supervisor in his day job, when he gets home, he will also be cleaning and making sure our house is tidy. The boys love to help out, especially where the washing and dusting is concerned. 

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During the daytime, it is just Charlie and myself and we take no time at all in getting the cleaning stuff out. Charlie knows where we keep the duster and that is usually the first thing to come out. That and the Vacuum of course. What child doesn't like paying with the vacuum, riding around the room on top of it is super fun when you're 2 year old. 

We have a huge range of cleaning products to keep our house in tip top shape. From sprays for the kitchen and bathrooms, creams, steamers, stain removers, squidgy's, and floor care just to name a few. 

Of course none of the boys touch these items though but they do love helping to do the washing. Loading and unloading the washing machine and then filling the tumble dryer afterwards. Even helping to fold after it's done, although their folding might not be what I'd call suitable at least they try and help. I like to get all of the washing done and then pile the ironing up so I have quite a fair amount before starting it as that is the only part I hate and prefer to get rid of it in one go. 

Is it just me though? Am I the only person who actually likes to get down and dirty with the scrubbing brush? Do you stock up on cleaning supplies to keep the house squeaky clean?

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  1. I love seeing our home look clean and tidy too. I have too many cleaning products :)

  2. He's a good little boy! I clean all the time and getting my boys up off their bums is hard work!

  3. I like a clean home but I hate cleaning....lol
    I wish my girls were so helpful! x

  4. I hate cleaning, its a battle in our house to get the kids to pick up after themselves

  5. I love cleaning because I see instant results and I love to see my home clean! I am a bit OTT and I do suffer from OCD but I still wouldn't leave my home to get or feel dirty even if I wasn't!

  6. I like a house that looks lived in, with four little ones it takes effort for it not to get out of hand

  7. I love to see my house clean and tidy too but I think it has to be lived in too. my husband has to wash the dishes before he eats dinner.His dinner ends up flat cold - Drives me mad!!

  8. I really enjoy some cleaning jobs, but having to do the dusting / hoovering every five minutes can feel like a real chore.