26 January 2014

Top Tips For Travelling Abroad

I'm sure we have all done it in the past. Booked an holiday abroad, flew out there and then realised that you have forgotten something, not equipped yourself and feel out of your depth. Going abroad with children can be even worse as there are so many things to remember and it can become very stressful. 

Well here are my 5 top tips to having a nice relaxing holiday and my ways to beat the stress.

1.  Book in advance. I always hear people talking about 'last minute bookings' and how cheap they are but do you ever wonder why they are so cheap? They are usually the holidays that no one wants which is why they are still for sale. Plus, booking last minute doesn't always mean getting the best deal. Book early to avoid disappointment. 

2.  Do your research. Don't book the first place you see just because it's cheap or has a great deal. Research where you are going first, check out reviews of hotels and locations to make sure they suit what your family requires. 

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3.  Paying for expensive items can become annoying whilst abroad. We found this out the last time we flew to Spain as most places wont accept Maestro which meant that we couldn't rent a car without going to a bank and withdrawing money which had charges on top for doing so. Doing an International Money Transfer is super easy to do and means that you can make payment abroad instantly whether using it to rent a car or paying for somewhere to stay.

4.  Booking to suit school. I know, I know, this is the age old argument of holidaying during term time or in the holidays. Now though, you can be penalised with big fines for taking children out of school so make sure that you check dates whilst booking. If you don't know when your children's school breaks up then you can check online using the My School Holidays website to find out. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Holiday, Abroad, Money, Top Tips For Travelling Abroad, School Holidays

5.  Make a list. The worst thing about holidaying abroad is that if you forget something, it is either super expensive to buy over there or not available at all. The best way to avoid forgetting anything is to make a list beforehand and add to it every time you remember something. Remember sun cream and water toys can be really expensive abroad so if you have the space, buy over here and take them with you. 

Make sure all of these 5 steps are done and it will help you on your way to a fantastic, relaxing and worry-free holiday. 

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  1. Thank you very interesting. I am going abroad for the first time this year for my honeymoon and this has helped me relax a little x

  2. Thanks for this article. We are hoping to go abroad this year for first time in almost 6 years, so feel a bit out of touch with it. Will definitely look into that International Money Transfer, so thanks for saying about that. :)

  3. Thanks for the information, suggestions etc. As a holiday is for enjoying.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Really good reading. Great suggestions. Thank you!!

  5. Some of my best holidays have been last minute cheap 'uns. It depends what you want from it I guess.