20 January 2014

A Photo A Day Project: Week 3

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I did manage to get this post written up on Saturday but due to the fact that I got a bit trigger happy with watching things on Netflix, my Internet allowance run out and so I couldn't get online to publish it so we are a little late but never mind, here goes...

Since the weather has cheered up a little, we are trying to make the post of it and get out more. Thomas loves playing on his bike, whizzing around the street. 

Back to school. Monday mornings are tiring but Thomas cannot wait to get back to school and play with his friends. 

Showing off. I am currently reviewing some items for Bonmarche and am trying to get the photos together so thought I'd give you a peek of what's to come next week. 

I couldn't choose between the photos today and chose both instead. It's not often you get to see pictures of me but I do love these photos of myself and the boys. 

Out as usual. I know, I know... we are obsessed with handmade Burger. I know when we are on to a good thing and so enjoy our dinner there as often as we can. This was Charlie's meal although he had already started to take the burger apart when I photographed it. Lovely as usual!

Thomas loves being in front of the camera posing so when he gets new clothing (these being from Lucas Frank), he cannot wait to try them on for modelling. 

We popped in to the museum today and the boys loved getting acquainted with all of the animals on show there. 

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  1. Nice photos. Looking forward to your Reviews for Bonmarche and Frank Lucas. I am also keen on the milder weather, as it is good to be able to go outdoors. Museums can be good for the children, they do seem to love the animals.The boys look like they enjoyed being photographed with you.

    Rachel Craig

  2. I think its good that your taking photos as when your children get older you can always look back together at the memories you have both created

  3. What a lovely idea, I wish blogs had been so popular when my daughter was younger, it so wonderful to have a pictorial diary to look back on - nice work, love it

  4. Nice photos. I really want to try the Handmade Burger Company. Heard it's good.

  5. Love your new top, it really suits you!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.