13 January 2014

A Photo A Day Project: Week 2

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Charlie is obsessed with helping us clean and as soon as the vacuum comes out, he will be pushing it around or sometimes even riding it. 

You'd think it was summer in our house today as both boys were enjoying an ice cream. It might be cold outside but we are making the most of it indoors and the day after even had our own indoor picnic with sandwiches, crackers, salad and treats for afterwards too. 

I think at this rate we will en up with shares in Handmade Burger with the amount of times we go there. Charlie loves going because not only does he love the food but he also gets a little colouring set and crayons for whilst we are waiting. 

Playing pirates today and Charlie just had to be the bad guy. Chasing us around the room and shouting 'argh' at us. 

Since the weather has calmed down a bit we had a play out after school, although Charlie wanted to play on Thomas' bike no matter how much I told him that he was too small. 

Boys will be boys and today Thomas went looking for bugs in the garden. He didn't manage to find many though, I think they are all keeping snuggly warm away from this horrible weather.  

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  1. It's great to have a photographic record of everyday, especially with children ... they grow and change so fast! :-)