5 January 2014

A Photo A Day Project: Week 1

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A new year and a new start to my Project 365. This year I am going to try to actually get the posts out on time every weekend and try my best to get better photos of all the things we get up to. 

So, here they are. The first 4 days of 2014...

New Years day was a bit boring. Nothing much to watch and no where to go with everywhere being shut and so we stayed in and played. Doing a lot of colouring and writing, being creative. 

Daddy has a new game, Need For Speed Rivals, which is a car game. Basically it's racing around a city and crashing a lot. Thomas loves this game and always has a play on it. I don't mind as there is no swearing or vulgar happenings like on other games and so this one is okay for him. 

A bit of fresh air. Today was still cold but at least it wasn't raining, for now. So we took this bit of calmer weather as a sign that we could go outside for a bit and play. The boys enjoyed being outside and playing on their bikes and ride-ons. 

Today we made up our own band. Charlie was on guitar, Thomas on keyboard and myself on the crocodile xylophone. No need to blow my own trumpet, but I think we were fantastic...

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  1. Great pictures - lovely chilled, family times. #365

  2. Aww cute pictures! My two both got bikes for Christmas but the weather hasn't been nice enough to take them out on them yet. Love the musical play sounds like the kind of stuff we get up to at home :)

  3. it is lovely to see children being creative and i love the fact that you made a band! i also like the alien like ride on how cool is that! happy new year x

  4. Great pics - you have to make the most of dryer days at the mo, especially with all the rain and strong winds around!

  5. Pam Francis Gregory6 January 2014 at 16:15

    What a great idea!

  6. Nice to see the boys having fun. Yes the Winter Weather can curtail some activities, whilst it is always nice to get outside for some fresh air and exercise when possible.

    Rachel Craig

  7. We love music time too. Lovely photos of your boys.

  8. Lovely idea. The photos will be great to look through at the end of the year.

  9. Hello you! Nice to see you back again, the boys are looking so grown-up!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.