31 October 2013

Organix Mighty Meals and Soups

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Organix Mighty Meals and Soups are suitable for children aged 1-3 years and are packed full of veg and goodness with no added salt, preservatives or starches. Each pack is the perfect size for a child's meal and has all the goodness they need.  

The soups are chunky in texture and include recipes such as Hearty Root Veg and Beans, Tangy Tomato and Pasta and Tasty Sweetcorn and Noodles. 

Charlie loves to sweetcorn and noodles one as although it is soup, it has been made to a consistency that means it wont drip off his spoon whilst he is trying to eat. Charlie actually likes to eat soup and I think these are perfect for him as they contain good produce and are organic so will be great for his growing tummy. 

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As well as the soups, Organix also make a Mighty Meals range. 

The Mighty Meals range includes Spaghetti with Pork & Bean Meatballs, Hearty Veg, Bean & Lamb Hotpot, Tasty Veg & Beef Stew with Dumplings and Pasta Shells & Vegetables in a Tomatoey Sauce

These are a great option for when you're busy and need a quick meal for children that is still good for them. 

They are a chunky toddler meal with a variety of different textures, providing children with a host of flavours whilst also being quick and easy to prepare.  

Charlie loves the Spaghetti with Pork & Bean Meatballs as it is quite thick so he can easily feed himself. The spaghetti has been cut up small so as to make it safer to eat and the chunky meatballs give the much needed meat element to this lovely dish. 

I think these meals and soups are a great idea. I think the meals especially will come in handy for when we are in a rush and need something that is good quality but quickly to get ready. 

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You find more information about the Organix Mighty Meals and Soups and the brand from the Organix website

30 October 2013

Our Christmas Dinner Plans

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I know it's a bit of a stupid question 'what are you doing for Christmas dinner', I am not talking about what food you have or where you open presents but I mean, do you have a meal at home, just you and the kids, or do you go to the in-laws, friends houses or your own parents?

We have always gone to my parents house and are probably going to go there again this year but I do feel sorry for my mum sometimes. She's one of those women that wont let you help, she prefers to cook, clean and organise everything her way and I hate to think of her being run off her feet on Christmas day running around after everybody whilst also having Thomas following her shouting 'grandma, grandma, grandma'

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So I have been wondering whether I should do Christmas dinner at our house this year and invite my parents and my younger brother too so they can sit back and relax whilst we do everything for a change. 

I guess we would need to maybe organise our livingroom a little though before it came to the big day so that we could fit everyone in. We would need to get and extending dining table so that it will easily fit at the back of our livingroom whilst not in use but can also extend to fit everyone on it. 

Needing to go out and buy a turkey big enough to feed us all and all the extras too. 

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Extra food and drinks to make sure we have enough for everyone. Extra cutlery and plates, glasses and placemats. We would need to make sure that we even had extra dessert as I cannot be doing with missing out on that. 

I think it would be a nice change to have dinner at our house and let my parents get a break from the Christmas day rush. Let them enjoy themselves as, after all, they have been doing the Christmas dinner for the past 20 odd years since we were kids and I think they deserve a break!

What are you doing this year for Christmas dinner?

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29 October 2013

No More Sleepy Blues

For a while now I have been really struggling to sleep at night. I couldn't work out why I couldn't drift off it was getting me down. Because of the lack of sleep, it made my whole day drag as I was shattered and it started to get me down. I wrote about it last month in my post I've Got The Sleepy Blues and now wanted to do a follow up post about how I have changed my routine to sort out the problem. 

I started off by looking a the replies I got to my original post and trying out some of the tips there. 
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Filling Your Tummy
Apparently eating something like a banana before bed is supposed to help aid sleep as they contain an amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan is known as the sleepy substance and is found naturally in bananas, figs, cottage cheese, eggs and milk.

Sleep Comfort
After looking at why I could be struggling to sleep, I realised that I wasn't actually comfortable when I got into bed. The mattress we had was quite old and one of the springs had gone. Could this be the problem? I combated this straight away by ordering a memory foam mattress which contain no springs and helps you to sleep by moulding and shaping to your body and making you feel comfortable. 

Clearing the Mind
This can be by different means. Getting bubble bathed up, lighting some candles and relaxing before bed to sooth the mind. 
Reading a book to get my mind on that rather than other stresses in my life. 
And the biggest one of all, cutting down on watching telly on a night and turning off my phone before bed so that I'm not tempted to stay up and look on that all night. 

Lavender Love
This is one of the best herbs for helping sleep. Either by using lavender scented bubble bath, drops for the pillows or room sprays. It has a soothing scent and is well known for its relaxing properties and is a great sleep aid. 

After trying all of these out, I am happy to report that I am now sleeping better. I think the most important things for me were the fact that I am now sleeping in a comfortable bed and having no technology on at night. Trying to relax before bed rather than get into the next episode of Under The Dome and it ticking through my brain all night.

I am so glad that people took the time to comment on my first post and give me tips as they have helped so much so thank you!

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28 October 2013

How the Rest of the World Sleeps!

I have always struggled with sleeping and have tried many things to try to help with the problem. My husband on the other hand, can sleep for England. Once his head hits the pillow he is asleep. Our kids have followed us too and Thomas is a bad sleeper like me whereas Charlie will sleep through everything.

Looking at how the rest of the world differs to us in the way they sleep, Carpetright have created this fun infographic which explains it all. Such as, did you know that Americans tend have slightly bigger beds than us. This can come from the fact that they do like to have their pets sleeping with them. I can relate to this actually as we usually end up with a child in our bed so need the extra space too.

In Mexico, people tend to have a siesta during the day. I do quite like the idea of this, having a little power nap during the day. I love the fact that shops and places even shut so that people have the chance to have a sleep too. Although, I think my kids would have some other ideas of what we would be doing rather than sleeping.

How the Rest of the World Sleeps - An infographic by the team at Carpetright Beds

On the other hand from having time off for sleep, the Japanese are praised for 'sleeping on the job' as this shows how hard they have been working. I bet a lot of workers' fake it' so not only do they get a little nap but get applause for doing so. They've got it so good!

And did you know that when astronauts sleep, they have to be tied to walls so they don't float away. I can just imagine 'Bob, I'm tired... Come and strap me up!'

It's good to see how others around the world treat sleep and their need for it. We seem to be a country where we have just the one sleep and sleep for the least amount of time too.

Oh, I think I need to move to Japan, getting praise for sleeping is something I could do well!

Witley Sleeping bag from OLPRO

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With my dad being a biker, he goes on rallies all the time and is forever getting his camping equipment out to get ready for the events. Thomas loves to help him get everything organised, and have a play in his sleeping bag at the same time, and so when we had the chance to receive the Witley sleeping bag from OLPRO, I knew Thomas would be happy. 

He loves the idea of camping and always asks if we can go and sleep in the great outdoors. I have explained that Charlie is still a little young and that we will go camping when they are both a little older and can manage easier. For now though, we take to making dens under the table and creating our own tents so we can pretend to be camping. 

My parents also own their own camper van and have told us that we can use it to go away for a few days as, although it isn't really camping with tents, it still does have the outdoor aspect to it which will be great for the kids. 

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The Witley sleeping bag is a grey-blue colour on the outside with little aztec style prints and a vivid red on the inside. I love these colours and they compliment each other very well. It is polyester on the outer which makes it shiny and smooth and is poly-cotton on the inside for comfort. The sleeping bag has a 52oz microfibre filling and weighs only 2kg so is very lightweight. 

Even though it is quite thin and light, the sleeping bag is very warm indeed and both boys have enjoyed snuggling up inside it and even unfastening the zip so it's just like a normal cover for them. You can actually get two sleeping bags and they can be zipped together to make enough room for 2 people.

Thomas loves the sleeping bag and has even put it on his bed so he can sleep in it. I think he's a real outdoor boy at heart. For me, I love the fact that it has matching co-ordinating items such as wind breaks and melamine sets. Not only can you get to sleep in the great outdoors, but you get to do it in glamping style.

This exclusive design is not available from anyone else other than OLPRO and it will come in handy for all of our adventures and I cannot wait to get out camping with the boys. You can purchase this beautiful sleeping bag from the OLPRO website direct. 

27 October 2013

Project 365 Weeks 41, 42 and 43

I know, I know, I am totally useless. I have been so busy lately that my Project 365 posts have suffered and so before I get on with this weeks post, I am showing a fortnight of missed pictures. They aren't anything special unfortunately as my camera was being fixed and I could only take photos on my phone. 

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I thought I'd better had do them so that I hadn't missed any days.
And now on to the weeks Project 365 post...

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The boys are very close as you can tell from my pictures. They play together, sit together and even moan together. The first 2 photos I love because it is nice to see them together. One on our journeys to the shop and the other whilst they are playing together, Charlie always ends up trying to climb on Thomas and I couldn't help but take this snap shot. 

Both boys love their toys, Charlie is the one who loves trucks and cars the most whereas Thomas is the cuddly one who loves his teddies. 

I pop out of the room for 2 minutes and come back to see Charlie trying to type on my laptop. He had even managed to click the button to come on to my blog too, smart kids eh!

Boxes? How can boxes be the most fun thing to play with. They both spent hours just sat in this box and tipping it over until it eventually gave way. 

Trying to 'fix' our cupboard with his toy drill, oh so cute! 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays CornwallTheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

Keeping Up Good Health in Children

As you as know, Thomas and Charlie suffered with viral infections over the 6 weeks school holidays. At the beginning of the holidays Thomas was really ill and had actually been diagnosed with the Molluscum Contagiosum Virus. 
This is a viral infection that affects the skin and is highly contagious and easily spread through skin-to-skin contact. 
We were shocked and so gutted for Thomas when we found out that it could last up to 18 months and he would be covered in little itchy spots.

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After all the worrying we did, we went to see the emergency doctors who confirmed that Thomas had been misdiagnosed and that he in fact had chicken pox which Charlie subsequently caught too. 
I was happy that it was in fact not as serious and would clear up but also quite mad that for the first few days, Thomas was in pain and itchy yet we did nothing because we thought it was something else.

Since both boys have got over chicken pox and are fully better, we decided not to let stupid colds and viruses affect our school breaks again. I wanted to make sure that their immune systems were in tip top condition and so bought some vitamin supplements to help to build their immune systems back up after that horrible virus had passed. 

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They take Omega 3 as it aids brain and eye development and is shown to help concentration too and they also take Vitamin C as this helps protect cells, gives support to organs and helps the healing of wounds too. 

I do try to make sure they eat healthily to and get extra vitamins and minerals in the foods they eat but the supplements can aid the body and help to make it more healthy. 

This week is the October half-term holidays and we are determined to get out as much as possible since they missed most of the last school holidays with illness. Look out for our posts with what we have done in these school holidays to keep us busy. 

26 October 2013

Children's Clothing from Debenhams

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As a parent of 2 young boys, we go through tons of clothing. After messy play, crafts, baking, gluing, outdoor play, you can imagine just how much mess a child can make so we are forever throwing clothes away or trying to remove stains which just felt like a waste. 

On the other hand though, I thought that buying cheap clothing would mean that we would end up having to go and spend more to replace them. As the saying goes 'buy cheap, buy twice' because cheap clothing usually has rubbish stitching, goes out of shape and always of bad quality. 

We instead go for good quality clothing that is at the right price for us. When we were sent some items from Debenhams for Thomas, I was delighted as not only do there clothes outlive most other brands with their durability but they are also stylish too. 

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With the changing seasons at the minute, it is great to have a variation of different styles to wear and so Thomas and I picked as much range as possible. 

Our first item was a nice pair of shoes. Wanting something that was not only going to be comfortable but looked a bit formal too and suited all styles was quite hard to find but eventually we chose these bluezoo trainers which seem to have a bit of everything.
They are navy blue but have brown panels and sole and have 2 Velcro fasteners so even small children can fasten them. Inside, they are actually quite padded so will keep toes warm in this freezing weather and are also comfortable for Thomas to walk in and don't rub him.

Thinking of other items that are necessary for the cold chill, Thomas chose a pack of two bluezoo printed pyjamas which come in grey and navy bases with vibrant yellow and white trims and decorations. Both pairs are long sleeved and one pair even has a colourful vampire character which glows in the dark.

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We thought having 2 pairs of bottoms would be the staple items as we could then style around them. Opting for totally different items, our first choice was a pair of bluezoo blue carpenter jeans which have an elasticated waist for a more comfortable fit and 7 pockets on them.

I think the pockets, one including a zip on the leg, make them look a little different and more stylish. The elastic waist with drawstring fastening means that they can be altered to fit too which is great as Thomas has always had a small waist.

Secondly, we went for a pair of Rocha.John Rocha trousers which, like the jeans, have a drawstring fastening and extra pockets. I like the fact that they are a designed brand from Debenhams but still come in at low prices.

We went for these 2 as then we could create different outfits out of them by changing the t-shirts to suit. 

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Lastly, we picked out the tops that would make the outfits stand out. Keeping them all long sleeved since it is so cold at the moment, we picked out the ones that stood out the most and the ones that Thomas liked. Of course, Thomas' first choice was a lovely red pirate t-shirt and then secondly, a blue one with a truck on it and 'T is for Truck' embellished upon it. I love the fact that Thomas always chooses the bright colours and always shows his own unique style.

I then picked another 2 to match his outfits. An 'I may be small but I talk big' t-shirt in green and red and a 'little man, big trouble' t-shirt in navy blue. I love slogan t-shirts and thought that these 2 would match in perfectly and any of the tops can be changed to wear with either pair of bottoms for a fab look.

The bluezoo cable knitted jumper completes the collection of clothes that we chose. This cable knit jumper has chunky ribbed trims and looks great with the jeans and the trousers too. I love the bold blue colour and the fact that it is so chunky means that it will keep Thomas warm all through the cold winter months. 

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It's so easy to make a whole winter wardrobe using just these staple items from Debenhams.

25 October 2013

Halloween Feature 2013!

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Yeah, that's right, it's that time of year again. The time where we dress up as scary creatures, eat loads of sweets and try to scare each other as much as possible. 

Is it wrong that I am more excited than the boys? 

I just can't wait to get them dressed up and go trick or treating as this will be their first year. We were supposed to go out last year but Charlie was ill so this will be the first time they get to experience it and I cannot wait. 

So, without further ado. Here is our Halloween Feature for 2013. A round up of our favourite Halloween items and what we recommend. 

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Costumes and Clothing
The one main thing you need when celebrating Halloween is some great costumes. Childrens costumes are sold all over but we were lucky to receive 2 lovely ones and you can see our review of them over on our Halloween Special Buys at Aldi post.

These 2 gorgeous costumes are only £3.99 each and come in a range of sizes and styles. We got a vampire costume for Thomas and a pumpkin costume for Charlie and they both fit perfectly. The costumes are bold, bright and very detailed and are sure to help our boys stand out and look extra spooky this Halloween.

Wearing tights can keep little legs warm in this freezing weather and so we did a Slugs & Snails Tights review showing off the Halloween range of boys tights. Thomas got a pair of Spooked tights which will keep him cosy under his vampire costume and Charlie is going to be wearing his Ivor Spider tights with his pumpkin costume which match perfectly. 

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After the costume comes the accessories that you may need to make your costume stand out. We received this lovely Halloween Glow in the Dark Bat Bag from Your Design which can be personalised with your childs name. Not only is it a good size and will easily fit all those trick or treat sweets but it glows in the dark too.

With Thomas dressing up as a vampire, we went looking for little extras for his costume and whilst in Asda came across 2 beauties that are perfect. Fist of all, a pair of vampire teeth that were only 10p and secondly a blood bag, that looks a little like a drip, which not only suits his vampire style but has an elastic strap so he can wear it and the blood is edible too. Not bad for just £1.

For older girls and women that don't really want to go all hog and dress up can look spooktacular in these Skull Nail Wraps from Lazy Nails which come in at £6.99 and are super easy to apply. They come with everything you will need to apply them and you can even change the colours to make your own unique style.

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Sweets and Food Stuffs
There seems to be an abundance of food stuff come out at Halloween time and it is not hard to pick up an eerie sweet whilst out shopping. We cam across yummy gingerbread vampires, mini chocolate orange cupcakes and scrummy shortbread bats which have choccie chips in them.

You can even create your own Moshi Monster cake pops. The mix comes with everything you will need and is so easy that even the boys helped me to make them. They do look super scary too!

Halloween, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Yorkshire BlogFor the trick or treaters, you can get these yummy Halloween Treats from Swizzels Matlow which come individually wrapped in the bag and have a huge variety of sweets inside. Just make sure that you don't eat them all before Halloween arrives!

Games and Books
Something to keep children amused during the day, waiting for the trick or treating time to arrive, is a must and the Halloween Books from Top That Publishing are perfect for keeping children entertained.

Spooky Adventure follows the story of Max and Molly on their adventures including dot-to-dot puzzles and 3D pictures. You have to complete each dot-to-dot before you are able to find what is missing in the story and continue.

Monster Mansion follows the story of a monster family who are trying to organise a party but get spooked when a human girl turns up and cause havoc. It includes fun games, puzzles and a recipes for Spooky Bat Biscuits. It even has a pull out playscene at the back and has over 50 reusable stickers so children can make the scene as scary as they want to.

For the Adults
If you are able to plan some time away from the children and want to have a fright of your own then pop over to BuyAGift who do a Ghost Hunting For Two day out, just click here to see the experience. You can have a tour around one of Britain’s most haunted locations and take part in a whole host of spooky activities including a seance.

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I may go a bit overboard on Halloween but that is because I love it so much (or that I am a big child at heart) but I just love to decorate the house up and make it extra eerie. We picked up all of these items for only a £1 each from Asda. One big wooden sign and 2 foam signs for the windows and a cute flashing pumpkin will make our house look scary. All we need to get now is the pumpkins and get carving.

What ever you choose to do on Halloween. Stay in and have a spooky party, go out trick or treating or go away on a ghost hunting adventure, make sure you stay safe and as always, have a good time!

Halloween Treats from Swizzels Matlow

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Halloween wouldn't be the same without the yummy sweets that we all look forward to and this year's no different. Swizzels Matlow kindly sent us some of their Halloween goodies to try out before the big day arrives.

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All their sweets have undergone an Halloween makeover form the Trick or Treat Lolly Mix, the Fright Mix and the Scary Mix, which include Monster Double Lollies, orange and black Drumstick Lollies and pumpkin themed Fruity Pops, to the Spooky Trick or Treat Mix tub that is packet full of all the favourites from the Swizzels range.

The sweets are all individually wrapped which makes them the perfect for trick or treaters. Thinking about it, they are going to be hiding in our cupboard till Halloween and, although the boys can't reach that high to get them, I cannot be held responsible for what I might do or eat when my sweet tooth attacks!

Halloween, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, review, Swizzels Matlow, Yorkshire Blog
No more looking around for different sweets to suit each child as these packs come with a variety of sweets.
There is something for everyone in these bumper packs and I now cannot wait till the day gets here and we can share them around to all the trick or treaters.
Well, that's if there are any left!

For more information, please visit the Swizzels Matlow Website.

24 October 2013

Bissell Vac & Steam

When I was revealed as the Official Facebook Reviewer and the person who would be lucky enough to review the Bissell Vac & Steam, I was so happy and after trying it out I decided to post my review on here too even though this was not a requirement. I was in fact giving my opinions on the Vac & Steam for the purposes of it's launch on the television channel Ideal World and some of my thoughts are being read out live on air at 8pm tonight (Sky 644, 651, 668 & 671; Freeview 22, 36 & 41, Freesat 812 & 813, Virgin 747)

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Upon receiving the product, I was actually surprised at how small the package was. I assumed that because it would need a space for water and a space to collect dirt, it would be massive and take up loads of room.

The Vac & Steam is the brand new product from Bissell and it can apparently vacuum and steam at exactly the same time. Then it got me thinking, how could an appliance vacuum and steam at the same time? Surely crumbs would get stuck into the steam compartment and block it up. I couldn't wait to get the parts together just to be able to test my theory out. 

It was simple to fix together, the steam foot just needed clipping in place to the stick vacuum and that's it, ready to use. At the back is a water compartment which, even though it looks small, holds a good amount of water and at the front is the tank which holds all of the dirt and debris. I also like the fact that it has an adjustable handle as my husband is over 6ft tall and usually has to bend whilst vacuuming. 

Filling the water tank, I the appliance all ready to use, and then we were off. It is quite simple to use. There are only 4 buttons on it. One for the vacuum, 2 for choosing whether you want a high or low amount of steam and then the button in the handle which enables the steam to come out. You can choose whether you want to vacuum, steam or do both at the same time by using the simple fingertip controls. The steam foot is removable too so the vacuum can be used on carpet as a stick vacuum instead. 

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I chose first of all, to try out the vacuum on its own. I wanted to vacuum a few bits up before trying the steam in case it got clogged up but actually, once the steam was on too, it became apparent that I shouldn't have worried because it did both with ease. The vacuum suction part is towards the front of the foot so the bits are picked up before the steam touches them and the Dry Tank Technology keeps the dirt separate from water for easy emptying. 

Cleaning my kitchen floor, I was surprised as to how much dirt it picked up and the light scent that comes from the freshening disk makes the whole room smell nicer. I also like the fact that you can keep your house germ free as if you hold the steam on the spot for at least 15 seconds and it will sanitize and kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. The steam removed every mark from my kitchen floor and left it gleaming. 

The best thing for me though is the time aspect. I would usually have to vacuum and the mop our hard floor surfaces and they still wouldn't be germ free so it would mean cleaning every day to make sure it stayed clean. I like the fact that it is now all done in one, cleaned, steamed and sanitized!

It's a 5* from me for time keeping, space saving, cleaning, steaming, freshening and sanitising all in one small product so in fact, it is even saving you money as this is the only product you will need for your floors.

What to Get My Motorbike Mad Dad

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Buying presents for my dad is hard work. He's not a regular, pipes and slippers, type dad. He's a biker, he goes on rallies and is a tattooist so buying for him can get very stressful.

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He is a member of the gemcc motorbike group and is forever away on rallies so I started looking into buying him maybe camping based items. When my dad goes on rallies they all camp in a field and basically drink into the night and so I was thinking of buying him a nice, thick sleeping bag but apparently, my mum said, he already has 4 of them. He has a tent, little gas burner for cooking and pans, waterproofs and even his own tankard for when they are swapping stories around the fire. 

The I thought about maybe buying him something for his motorbike. He has full leathers already so I was wondering whether I could maybe get him some Motorcycle Gloves to match and to help protect him too. My dads bike is his pride and joy so I don't think he'd let me go buying things for that any way. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Motorbike, Presents,

I can't really get him anything tattoo wise. I guess even thought buying him some inks would save him money, it wouldn't be a great present for him. 

Now I've started thinking about smaller things. Maybe some nice aftershave. He always wears Police Wings but I know that they have a lovely new range of Police To Be out at the moment. Maybe if I got him a gift set of something like that he would like it. It is something he uses after all.  

I just don't know. He seems to have everything and I'm struggling. not only do I need to get him a Christmas present but it's his birthday soon too. What would you get a motorbike mad dad?

23 October 2013

Halloween Books from Top That Publishing

The only problem I have with Halloween is that children get bored waiting to go trick or treating. To combat this, I have made up games to keep the kids occupied. These have already been shared in some of my blog posts. 

When Top That Publishing tweeted that they wanted some of their Halloween books reviewing, I jumped straight to them and replied. It would be great to finally see some fun activity Halloween books that are suitable for younger children too. We were lucky to receive 2 book from them:

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Children get to follow the story of Max and Molly on their adventures. Not only is the story fun but it's interactive too as there are dot-to-dots on each page. Page by page, the story unfolds with dot-to-dot pictures ranging from cars and spooky houses to witches and spell books.

Starting off at a fun fair, it soon becomes a frightful story as the kids are transported to a scary house where they see ghosts and skeletons and you need to join the dots to figure out the rest of the objects in the story. The children must then try to help the little girl who lives in the house, to rid it of all the spookiness.

On the back page there are some press-out glasses included which make the dot-to-dots come to life in 3D background. Thomas loved wearing these as it made the pictures stand out to him and he said that they made the dot-to-dots even more spooky. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Halloween Feature, Top That Publishing,

Following the spooky story of the Monster Mansion party, a little girl manages to sneak into the eerie house. Since monsters are scared of humans, the butler decides that they must make a plan to get rid of her otherwise their party would be a flop with the guests too scared to arrive. Sensing that something spooky is going on, Emily works her way around the house investigating as she goes.

Through the story there are an abundance of fun games to keep children busy. There is also a lovely recipe for Spooky Bat Biscuits which I cannot wait to make as they look scrummy.

I like this book as not only is there a fun story but there are themed activities too and children can even create their own stories on the playscene at the back of the book. This is a fold out scene which comes with over 50 reusable stickers to change the scene to a spooky mansion.

Both books not only have great stories inside but the games and 3D designs make for a fun time for children over the Halloween period.

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Wednesday Words - Halloween

Next Tuesday is Halloween so I thought that today, instead of my usual insights into life, I would do a fun Wednesday Words all about this spooktacular day. 

I have searched the net for some of my favourite and funniest Halloween quotes and thought I would share them. So here we go...

Halloween wraps fear in innocence,
As though it were a slightly sour sweet.
Let terror, then, be turned into a treat...
~Nicholas Gordon
When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
‘tis near Halloween.
~Author Unknown
May Jack-o-lanterns burning bright
Of soft and golden hue
Pierce through the future’s veil and show
What fate now holds for you.
~Author Unknown
Everyone is a moon and has a dark side, 
which he never shows to anybody.
-Mark Twain
I'll bet living in a nudist colony 
takes all the fun out of Halloween.
-Author Unknown
On Halloween, witches come true;
Wild ghosts escape from dreams.
Each monster dances in the park....
~Nicholas Gordon

Wednesday Words

22 October 2013

Doctor Who Book Bundle Giveaway

The past few years, one of the biggest sci-fi series to make a come back has got to be Dr Who. The mass of doctors, sidekicks, monsters, aliens and robots that have been on that show is amazing and when it's on television, the whole of Twitter explodes into a manic Dr Who fest. 

To celebrate half-term, the National Media Museum in Bradford are hosting a special Doctor Who Week running from Saturday 26 October – Sunday 3 November. There will be loads to do there and it's suitable for all ages.

You can try to light up the Doctor's TARDIS by making a simple circuit. With the use of LED lights and a battery, this circuit will be your very own creation that you can take home. You can also make your own plasticine monster which you will also be able to take home too. 

Get to play with the Motorised Daleks and learn about how they move and communicate and you can even take a family quiz to see if you really do know the difference between a Silurian and a Cyberman.

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Now to celebrate the Dr Who Week, the National Media Museum have given us the chance to give away a bundle of books from the Dr Who range. The prize is 3 books:
  • Where’s The Doctor 
  • Doctor Who Official Sticker Book
  • Doctor Who: The Essential Guide

For your chance to win all you have to do to is fill in the Rafflecopter form below.

Please remember to check the T&C's at the bottom of the Rafflecopter application and our full terms here. This giveaway is open to the UK only and any entries left that do not follow the mandatory entries will be disqualified. After the one compulsory entry of answering the given question the Rafflecopter will then open a round of optional extras, you do not have to enter any of these but these will give you extra entries into the competition.

And please, if you are commenting on the blog as 'anonymous' can you please write your name in the comment otherwise I cannot count your entry.

Ends midnight on the 3rd November 2013

21 October 2013

Trick or Treat Halloween Game

If you are holding a childrens Halloween party, it is nice to come up with fun games that will be in keeping with Halloween. So instead of pass the parcel and musical chairs, think of ways to make them fit in with the spooktacular day. 

Our newest game is a spin off on the Halloween tradition of Trick or Treat. It's all about either having something nice or something not so nice and will no doubt be a hit with the children and a laugh too. 
We have made our own strips for this game for you to use but if you don't have a printer you can simply write the words 'trick' or 'treat' onto pieces of paper instead. If you want to use ours then please email me and I will send you the un-copyrighted picture.

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So, for this game, you will need to:
  1. Print it out the above picture or make your own
  2. Cut out each piece and fold them up
  3. Put all the strips into a Halloween bag and shake it about
  4. Have each child draw a paper out of the bag 

Now, depending on which piece the child chooses will decided what they need to do. 
Treat - either they win a sweet of a small Halloween toy.
Treat - They must perform a trick. Something simple though like standing on one foot, pretending they are a bat, ghost, witch or the age old rubbing your belly and patting your head.

I like this game as not only is it simple and fun but it also gets each child up and playing too. 

Have fun playing Treat or Treat!

My Weird Love of Rugs!

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Yes, I know this is quiet a weird title for a post but I was looking around my house today and realised that there is a rug, of some sort, in every room. Is it just me that finds this weird?

To be honest though, I love rugs and I try to justify having one in each room. We have a runner in the kitchen as the tiled floor can get cold, especially near the outside door. 
We have one in each bedroom, a character one for the kids and a lovely purple one in our bedroom which I bought to try and hide the hideous carpet. 
Even the bathroom gets bath mats to keep it looking pretty. 

The nicest one is in our livingroom though. We have a really long room which means that having one carpet or type of flooring throughout looks a bit boring and this is why I bought a rug. 
We have a huge red shaggy rug at the centre of our room which makes the room look brighter. Actually, being truthful, the kids stained out carpet so much that the rug was bought to hide the marks!

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I like the fact that you can break up a rooms boringness by just placing a brightly coloured rug on the floor. 

They can hide stains and cover horrible old carpets and just make rooms look better with their nice bright and bold colours and styles. 

Also, I am one of the people that changes their décor nearly as much as I change my clothes and the fact that I can keep my walls and carpets plain and then just accessorise around with new ornaments, curtains and a nice rug to go with my colour schemes makes it a lot cheaper in the long run. 

- PR Collaboration 

20 October 2013

First Shoes from Clarks

I always believe that young children should wear soft soled shoes until they are 2 years old. That way, their feet can grow properly and they can learn to walk comfortably without having to wear a hard sole.  

Now Charlie is 2 year old I couldn't wait to get him his first pair of proper shoes and the First Shoes Collection from Clarks has such a big range that I knew we would find some that we loved. 

I love going to the Clarks store as they always treat children right and make sure they are comfortable before going through the motions of measuring feet. Since Charlie hates strangers, he did cry a little at first but eventually calmed down and let the assistant measure his feet. He measured at a 6F and the woman checked twice just to make sure. 

The assistant was very helpful and even offered to pop into that back and bring out all of the shoes that they had in stock in Charlies size. I liked this because at least I knew which we could pick from then. After checking them all out, we settled on a pair of Brite Time First Shoes which which are priced at £30 and are navy leather, from the First Shoes Collection. 

Charlie, who was now fully settled and enjoying running around the store, loved trying the shoes on and the assistant and I both checked the fit to make sure they felt right. Then off Charlie toddled for a walk around in them and give them a bit of a try out. 

They have 2 Velcro straps which make the shoes adjustable to fit and they have a gentle padding around the ankle which offers support. Charlies main love though? The flashing Lights at the back of the chunky rubber sole which flash as he walks along. He enjoys smacking the bottom of his shoes so that they flash. 

I love the fact that they measure childrens feet every time they visit as at least you know you are definitely getting the right size for your child. 

Not only are these a super comfortable pair of first shoes for Charlie but the navy colour means that they look quite formal too so will suit for most occasions!