13 December 2013

‘Tis the seasons to be planning your Christmas party

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Planning at Christmas can be quite stressful if it’s unorganised. If you’re thinking about throwing a party there are a few simple sets to follow that will help everything go without a hitch and leave you to enjoy the period with those you love.

Plan a schedule
Since Christmas is such a popular time to celebrate, it’s important to plan you party well in advance. Check that there are no other party clashes and your party doesn’t interrupt any of your other Christmas preparations such as shopping and baking.

Make a guest list
It’s important to make a list of the people that you want to invite to ensure that the event doesn’t get out of hand. Decide whether you want an intimate gathering with your closest friends and family or a big Christmas blow-out.

Make helpful invites
Sending out invitations can seem like a simple process but there are many ways you can make these invites much more helpful for your guests. As well as addressing dates and times, informing your guests about gifts and food will ensure they’re well informed, whilst using a party planning app such as the one created by Fancy Dress Ball is an easy way in which to create a fun dress code system. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Christmas, Planning,

Create a menu
Rather than leaving food to the last minute, make it feature heavily in the event as there is nothing quite like food to really make a Christmas party. Decide on the way food will feature in your party; are you happier with finger food in a buffet style? Do you want to showcase your cooking skills with a three course meal? Make a decision and try and stick with it.

Purchase your decorations
Chances are your home will already be decorated for the Christmas season, but hosting a party means that you may need to buy a few more. Christmas bunting is very popular this year and is a simple but effective way of adding a little more pizazz to your home.

Create the ultimate holiday playlist
Using systems such as Spotify means that you can create a music playlist like no other. The system has every song you could possible think of and you could even ask friends to contribute to the playlist before arriving.  

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