12 December 2013

Spruce Up Your Garden This Christmas

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Our garden is a mess. Just after Thomas was born, we fixed it all up and it looked lovely but since then we have let it slide a bit and everything now looks a little tatty. The winds we had last week have bent, broken and ruined everything that was left of our garden and I think it's about time that we start to think about what we can do with it. We should really have prepared our garden for the winter months earlier than this but alas, I never seem to get things done when I say I will (I'm a bit of a procrastinator!) and so now fixing the garden is a must.

The fence we have up is not nearly high enough and I hate it, for security reasons, and want a big one. Plus the fact that when we get big gales it nearly blows out of the ground. 
It looks like a tree has malted in our garden with all the leaves that have blown in. These could really do with being picked up and maybe even investing in a compost bin for future use rather than just throwing them out. This would also give us better flowers and things if we do decide to grow some in the spring. 
We have decided to take out patio furniture down and store away over the winter so that the wood doesn't rot.
Christmas, Christmas Feature, Festive, Garden, Gardening, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Wind, Winter, Yorkshire Blog

There is also a whole host of toys in their too that have either been left out there and forgotten about or are old outdoor toys that don't get played with any more. Before the cold really sets in, I am going to go through them and and throw away old ones and then store others in the shed till it gets warmer. 

These are all things that can be done over time but for now, I have decided to just spruce it up a bit for Christmas and make it look a little better. I am a lover of shopping and so am going to need to get out and looking for outdoors decorations and quirky items that can make our garden extra special. 

Big light up snowmen that shine into the night. 'Santa Call here' signs so that the big man doesn't forget about us. You can even buy festive gnomes to give it that funky edge. I love everything weird and wonderful and will probably end up like one of those people on the news for having the most outdoor lights on their house (and the biggest electric bill too!).
Christmas, Christmas Feature, Festive, Garden, Gardening, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Wind, Winter, Yorkshire Blog

The front of our house already looks very festive. We have a huge 'Merry Christmas' sign across our patio doors and three mini stockings underneath and then a beautiful wreath on our front door too. I would have decorations up all year round if I could as I love them.

I will definitely be able to make it look pretty and very festive over these winter months but after the cold has gone, I will have to get on to fixing all the problems with it too.

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  1. We didn't spruce up our garden as the weather didn't allow it! Also no sooner have you raked then you have more leaves being blown down. Like the snowman.