14 December 2013

Project 365 Weeks 49 & 50

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A fortnight worth again (yes, I am useless!).

Charlie enjoys playing outside and keeping occupied whilst Thomas is at school. We did this twice this week to try and get some fresh air and have some fun. Playing on the trampoline, with the balls and running around the garden to keep warm too. 

We eventually got the Christmas tree up after collecting all of our decorations. There were chocolate baubles on the tree too although I think the Christmas Elves have visited us during the night and got a little peckish (well that's what the children think anyway, I'm keeping quiet!)

Charlie got his foot stuck in a bucket too and Thomas loved the smell of my flowers and making Christmas cards for his teachers. 

The last one is of myself and Thomas having a dance. The Sofia the First theme tune just gets us in the dancing mood and we got up and boogied along to it.  

Parent Blog, #Project365, 365 Photo Project, 365 Photo Project, Rocket Dog, Christkindelmarkt German Market,

What is it with children and boxes? Oh well, Charlie loved playing in an empty crisp bow and Thomas kept pulling him around the room in it too. I remember playing see-saw when I was younger too and both boys now play it all the time since Thomas picked it up from school although they do seem to go a bit mental sometimes whilst playing it. 

I recently won some Rocket Dog shoes on their Facebook page and couldn't wait to show them off once I received them. These lovely boots which I had actually been eyeing up for ages.

We also visited the Christkindelmarkt German Market in Leeds this week and the boys got to go on some fab rides and play some fun games too. 

Charlie has learnt from Thomas now and constantly goes into the kitchen climbing onto things. Today I caught him in the treat cupboard standing on our washing basket. Got to be careful that he doesn't fall off though so I am constantly chasing him around now. Daddy got a new game today and Thomas straight away got stuck into playing it. He loves car games.

The final photo is what I have come in to just now. I left the room to make dinner and came back to this. The Chuggington track broken into pieces, a snowman laid across the floor and the boys have made a bed, using the cushions, on the floor. 

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  1. i like the one of you in your festive jumper having a dance! and look at your boy standing on the washing basket to get to the kitchen cupboard!! eeek it is funny but not and scary all at the same time,. x

  2. Yes I love the dancing photo too, really lovely.

  3. My daughter said her favourite present was a cardboard house which she could colour/paint all over herself.