4 December 2013

Personalised Decorations from Samigails Gifts

Being a big lover of Christmas, I love anything that is personalised and stands out a bit more. I hate being boring and always try to choose things that will make a statement. This year we have changed our decorations and are going red, gold and white, the traditional Christmas look but instead of our tree being coved in baubles, I have tried to pick other items instead.

I got in touch with Samigails Gifts and they were lovely to chat to. Fiona Morris is the face behind the brand and she designs, personalises and makes all of the gifts herself. Samigails Gifts use birch and sycamore woods to make their gifts which are both ethically sourced so as to to affect the environment. 

They sent us out 2 of their personalised tree decorations and wrote the boys names on them. We received a cute snowman for Thomas and a bright red stocking for Charlie. 

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The snowman is painted white, has a red hat and some ribbon added as a scarf with a gold string to attach it to the tree. The face has been painted on with a huge smile and a carrot nose and there are cut out star details on his tummy.

The stocking is painted red and has glistening snow effect glitter around the edge and on the top of it. With a cut out star and a gold thread to put it onto the tree, it is beautiful and matches with our colour theme. 

All handmade, hand pained and decorated, they stand out loads and you can see just how great quality and durable they are. 

You can purchase these decorations from the Samigails Gifts website for only £4 each but remember that they can take up to 4 days for orders to be made so make sure you order in plenty of time for Christmas.


  1. What a fabulous idea. i have decorations made by my children on my tree.

  2. Lovely idea - I will book mark for later this year!