15 December 2013

Keeping The Bills Down In Winter

We all know that every gas and electric company are currently putting their bills up, if they weren't expensive enough already, the bills are going up quite a lot so that got me thinking about ways to save energy or heat my house in other ways. 

The one tip I have is to turn the thermostat down 1 degree. It is such a small difference that you probably wont even notice until you get your gas bill an it will be smaller. The hotter you choose to have it, the more expensive it gets so try to keep it as low as possible to maintain a nice temperature. 

Then we move on to things you can use to warm the house with spending a fortune. Wearing a jumper instead of having the heating on for instance. Or using hot water bottles to heat your bed rather than using radiators which heat the whole room because to be honest, it's only the bed that needs to be warm. 

Baking can be a fun activity for children to get involved with, getting to eat the results is a big plus and the oven will help to keep your house warm whilst it is cooking too. Making stews and big hearty meals will also helps to keep you warm from the inside. 

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The one thing I have been thinking about in the long term though is maybe getting solar panels that will help to run our house and save fuel costs over time. Not only can they run all of the electric in the house but can be used to heat water so you can be fully self-sufficient and not need to use much gas either. 

Solar panels do cost quite a bit of money in the first instance but in the long run will save us a fortune and you can buy everything you would need from BayWa r.e. Solar Systems who are a leading solar products supplier with over 30 years of UK solar PV experience. They even advise on how best to install the products too and will try their best to meet your needs. 

I would love to be able to save money over the years and eventually not have to pay the pesky gas and electric bills but for now I will have to settle with hot water bottles and jumpers to keep the bills down this winter. 


  1. Although it is very important to keep warm in the winter months their are loads of ways to keep warm without it having to cost a fortune. Keeping a small blanket to wrap up with on the settee, and having a hot water bottle to keep your toes warm are just a few ideas.If you are cooking or baking turn off the heating as this will generate the heat around your home. Merry Xmas to all and please keep an eye on any elderly or vunrable neighbours

  2. When I'm the only one at home I turn the heating off, wear a hat, jumper and have lots of warming drinks like tea and hot chocolate.