13 November 2013

Wednesday Words - Make it Happen

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This week has made me feel so Christmassy with all the giveaways we have going on at the moment. I realised that Christmas is not about receiving things but is also about making others happy too and that is the reason why I organised all of these giveaways, to make other people smile.

So today my Wednesday words post is all about Christmas and the things that help us celebrate it...
God made Christmas happen,
friends make Christmas beautiful,
music makes Christmas festive,
giving makes Christmas joyous, 
love makes Christmas complete.
~William Arthur Ward

This is my way of saying thank you to my lovely readers for being loyal and coming back to read about our lives and enter a few competitions too. I hope you have a fantastic and lucky Christmas!

Crazy With Twins


  1. Very true words, Im looking forward to watching my son open his presents on Christmas morning rather than opening my own.

  2. How lovely, totally agree my family are the most important part of Christmas to me and if i can create a little magic ive fulfilled my goal.

  3. Fab words. I have to try and put them on an art journal page...

  4. Poetic, Christmassy words puts me in the mood for Christmas. Thank you.

  5. aww lovely, Christmas is my most favourite time of year

  6. What nice thoughtful words. Thank you.