17 November 2013

Project 365 Week 46

When the boys are asleep and I have finished the posts that need writing up, I do eventually, well sometimes, get to have a relaxing bath. A bit of bubble bath and a nice hot soak.

This is a photo of our cupboard in the hallway and it's where I keep all of the review items before I actually get them out and give them a try. It has a lock on it so the boys can't go routing around. It goes all the way round to the right and at the moment is packed full as I have such a busy schedule of posts to do. 

Charlie showing off his new clothes from Tesco and then the photo next to it is Charlie hiding. Yes, I know what you are thinking. That's not really a good hiding place, but I told him to go hide and he just laid on the floor covering his eyes. Good enough for him! And I had to pretend I couldn't find him for 5 minutes even though he was laid right there!

We get loads of toys to review all the time and the boys enjoy giving the a test. Charlie loves this owl that we received from TOMY. 

On our travels on Friday as it was a training day and we wanted to get the boys out so went on our training day out to the Trinity Centre in Leeds for some lunch and to just get out for a bit. 

Thomas loves the flowers that I received from Bunches.co.uk and keeps popping over to them to give them a sniff. 

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  1. I bet its like Christmas everyday with all the toys to review

  2. I wish I had a cupboard like that - I am always falling over stuff.
    Charlie looks very smart in his new clothes xx

  3. i love it when little ones close their eyes and think that no one can see them!!! and look at that little bottom stuck up in the air- cute x

  4. Now that is one cool looking snowman he looks like he needs a high five! x

  5. thanks for the review i have heard really good things about Bunches and i must say they do look beautiful in the picture you have taken :)

  6. Lucky children, getting to try out lots of toys. They will love you for this opportunity.

    Rachel Craig