10 October 2013

What To Wear For Our Night Out

I hate choosing clothes, I am just no good at deciding what suits me and what items go together and so when Simon told me that we would be going out for a meal tonight and that he had organised for my parents to look after the boys, I knew that I would need to find something suitable. 

I am still undecided now though. Do I wear jeans and a nice top or get properly dressed up into a posh dress. I do actually have quite a lot of dresses although I rarely wear them. I have always wanted to go somewhere nice and posh and even have sites that sell evening dresses bookmarked just in case I ever needed one. 

Yorkshire Mum, Parent Blog, Mummy BloggingAlthough I do think think that tonight I wont need to get too dressy-up and probably will stick to a knee length dress with tights to keep me warm. 

So instead I have been looking around for cocktail dresses and party style dresses that look beautiful but aren't too expensive. I love the look of this blue chiffon dress as it is inexpensive yet looks so pretty. 

If I am buying clothing, especially party-wear or dresses, I always try to go for blue colours as it seems to bring out the blue in my eyes and I like the fact that it matches me as a person too.  

The one thing I do like is that I could wear this dress with some nice black tights to keep my legs warm and a nice pair of heels and, although it is quite dressy-up, it is still not too over-done and looks lovely too. The panel at the front will also hide my mummy tummy which is also an advantage, especially after pigging myself out on food and puddings tonight. 

I am still in two minds though, do I go dressed up or casual? We are going to a nice restaurant but with it being a week day, would we need to get dressed up so much?


  1. its so hard when you dont go out a lot .its nice to get dressed up but can be expensive if you are not going to be wearing an outfit you have bought for quite a while after.the blue dress looks nice so if its not too expensive go for it

  2. Pam Francis Gregory10 October 2013 at 14:12

    Defo dress up - It's always worth the effort

  3. The blue dress shown looks nice. You state it is inexpensive and the style of the front panel will detract from your mummy tummy. Which you see as an asset, as it will allow you to relax and enjoy your meal. Whilst you can also enjoy feeling pretty and feminine in your dress. Comfortable and warm with your contrasting winter tights. I think go for it Girl :- wear the dress and enjoy the treat of a nice meal out with the man you love.

    Rachel Craig

  4. Go for it girl - treat yourself! That blue dress is gorgeous!

  5. that dress is beautiful, I love the colour

  6. I think you will look stunning in this, I really love the colour.

  7. I love the dress ! I find that because I go out less often after having children I've lost touch with what people wear when they go out :-)

  8. it is nice to make the effort and dress up. when we went and stayed in the posh hotel that I won in a comp prize we did dress up but went smart casual rather than dressy dressed ( iyswim)

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