24 October 2013

What to Get My Motorbike Mad Dad

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Buying presents for my dad is hard work. He's not a regular, pipes and slippers, type dad. He's a biker, he goes on rallies and is a tattooist so buying for him can get very stressful.

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Motorbike, Presents,
He is a member of the gemcc motorbike group and is forever away on rallies so I started looking into buying him maybe camping based items. When my dad goes on rallies they all camp in a field and basically drink into the night and so I was thinking of buying him a nice, thick sleeping bag but apparently, my mum said, he already has 4 of them. He has a tent, little gas burner for cooking and pans, waterproofs and even his own tankard for when they are swapping stories around the fire. 

The I thought about maybe buying him something for his motorbike. He has full leathers already so I was wondering whether I could maybe get him some Motorcycle Gloves to match and to help protect him too. My dads bike is his pride and joy so I don't think he'd let me go buying things for that any way. 

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog, Motorbike, Presents,

I can't really get him anything tattoo wise. I guess even thought buying him some inks would save him money, it wouldn't be a great present for him. 

Now I've started thinking about smaller things. Maybe some nice aftershave. He always wears Police Wings but I know that they have a lovely new range of Police To Be out at the moment. Maybe if I got him a gift set of something like that he would like it. It is something he uses after all.  

I just don't know. He seems to have everything and I'm struggling. not only do I need to get him a Christmas present but it's his birthday soon too. What would you get a motorbike mad dad?

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  1. Does he ride through winter? Then thermal socks. Not very exciting I know, but you always need good socks.