10 October 2013

Thursday Words - Happy Birthday To Me!

This was supposed to publish yesterday as our Wednesday Words post but for some reason, when I logged on today, it had not published so it is now, just for this week, our Thursday Words post and I have had to edit it to fit. 

Today is my birthday, I am now 26 years old. 
I cannot believe how fast time flies. I met my husband when I was 17 and since then have gone on to marry him and have 2 beautiful children and it just seems to have whizzed  past. 

I do love planning birthdays and always go a bit overboard. That is, except for mine. I never plan anything for my birthday but this year my husband is taking me to The Handmade Burger Company and my parents are looking after the boys. It will be so nice to go out and spend some time with my husband on our own for a bit.

Although, waking up this morning, it looks like we may end up staying at home as the migraine my husband has been fighting, is getting worse and I don't want him having to go out if he is feeling rubbish. Looks like we'll just be having a quiet day in instead. 

Happy Birthday to me!

Crazy With Twins


  1. Happy Birthday. Hope you get the chance to celebrate :- even if it is belated. Birthdays should be a time for a nice treat from those who truly care. Memories are made for sharing.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Hope you had a lovely time out! and enjoyed ur birthday.