21 October 2013

My Weird Love of Rugs!

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Yes, I know this is quiet a weird title for a post but I was looking around my house today and realised that there is a rug, of some sort, in every room. Is it just me that finds this weird?

To be honest though, I love rugs and I try to justify having one in each room. We have a runner in the kitchen as the tiled floor can get cold, especially near the outside door. 
We have one in each bedroom, a character one for the kids and a lovely purple one in our bedroom which I bought to try and hide the hideous carpet. 
Even the bathroom gets bath mats to keep it looking pretty. 

The nicest one is in our livingroom though. We have a really long room which means that having one carpet or type of flooring throughout looks a bit boring and this is why I bought a rug. 
We have a huge red shaggy rug at the centre of our room which makes the room look brighter. Actually, being truthful, the kids stained out carpet so much that the rug was bought to hide the marks!

Yorkshire Blog, Mummy Blogging, Parent Blog,

I like the fact that you can break up a rooms boringness by just placing a brightly coloured rug on the floor. 

They can hide stains and cover horrible old carpets and just make rooms look better with their nice bright and bold colours and styles. 

Also, I am one of the people that changes their décor nearly as much as I change my clothes and the fact that I can keep my walls and carpets plain and then just accessorise around with new ornaments, curtains and a nice rug to go with my colour schemes makes it a lot cheaper in the long run. 

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  1. My girls have rugs in there bedrooms but that's it....We really could do with a rug in the living room as it's all laminated flooring....I think a rug would make it feel warmer...

  2. I also have a mini obsession with rugs iv got them in every room nearly, I think they make it look more homely and cosy x

  3. I love my white rug in my room as it's covering a lot of make-up stains! Haha

  4. We just took up the wall-to-wall carpeting in our living room and main hallway and installed beautiful bamboo flooring. Now I am looking for the perfect area rug for the living room - something that will pull the room together without covering too much of the bamboo flooring. The old area rug we had in the living room was too worn to use there, so I cut off the ragged edges and am using it under my dog's crates in another room, so it is helping to protect the carpet in that room now, too.

  5. The picture of the first rug is so gorgeous!

  6. I love rugs too, but I'm so accident prone, I have to put some of that unslip rubber matting underneath. It does the job fantastic.