15 October 2013

My Quiet Vintage Haven

For a while now, I have been thinking about redoing the spare bedroom. I hate the green walls and have often wondered why we chose that colour, especially with the yellow. No, just no! It looks horrible.

Since Simon is a painter, I am always thinking of new ways to make rooms look better and we are always changing the colour schemes of room, apart from the spare room, which has been the same since we moved in 5 years ago.

I now want it for me; as my little office and quite place where I can go to, to have a bit of peace and quiet and where I can blog, but also feel comfortable in. It will still need a bed as we might have nieces and nephews staying over that odd night, but I don't want it to look too bedroomy.

First of all I wanted to find a nice bed and so set to work finding a single bed frame as this way it won’t take up too much space and a double isn't needed anyway as it will only be for our young nieces and nephews.

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After much searching and deliberating, I decided that I didn't actually want a normal bed. I wanted something to fit in with my scheme and wanted it to look vintage.

That's when I found the Versailles Day bed which ticked all of my boxes. It was beautiful and chic and still gave the single bed that we needed. But more than that, it comes with an under-bed which can be pulled out and used just in case we have 2 people staying over.
I love the fact that it saves space by being able to squeeze the second bed under the day bed.

My colour scheme is quite simple. Grey walls with white, silver and black accessories. This is the mood-board I made as to what I want this room to feature:

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Birds do seem to fit quite well with the vintage theme and I love the heart accessories too. My main thought was to have loads of candles in lovely holders so that when I am feeling stressed out, I can come and relax, maybe lay across the bed and listen to some soothing music by candlelight before getting on with my day.

The fact that it has been designed by me and then painted by Simon will make it all the more special and I cannot wait to have my own little quiet haven!


  1. Love your theme :)

  2. Pam Francis Gregory18 October 2013 at 11:15

    I love vintage design - These look lovely.

  3. Annie Costa @LaaMoii20 October 2013 at 17:59

    Looks absolutely beautiful!

  4. Love the bed, I've been after a bed like this for ages. Thank you, :)

  5. I love vintage and this is beautiful, so peaceful and calm looking. You've done a wonderful job x

  6. Those are some gorgeous pieces I have to admit I love things with song birds on x

  7. Wow some gorgeous pieces absolutely beautiful x

  8. love this idea a wee sanctuary with gorgeous design and I love day beds wanted to get my daughter one as a child but never got round to it